The World Literacy Awards nomination

The World Literacy Awards nomination period is now open for 2023. The World Reading Foundation honors people and organizations each year for their extraordinary efforts to advance literacy education.

The World Literacy Foundation, a global non-profit organization that works to ensure that every young person, regardless of geographic location, has the opportunity to acquire literacy and reading skills to reach their full potential, succeed in school, and succeed in life, is behind the World Literacy Summit.


  • Organizational Contribution to Literacy: Given to a company that is still in business and makes a significant contribution to literacy.
  • Individual’s Contribution to Literacy: Recognizes an individual for extraordinary efforts to advance literacy.
  • Contribution to Literacy by a Youth: Honors a young person’s efforts and deeds to combat illiteracy.
  • Academic Study Recognition Awards: Given to someone who has distinguished themselves not only in literature but also in writing and intellectual research. Identify the academic study or publication.
  • Awarded to a government organization for exceptional government policies and advancements in literacy and education. Government, State, Province, City Recognition Award: Find the organization to qualify for outstanding work, research, or a new initiative.
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  • Contribution of an Organization to Literacy
  • To qualify, an organization must be a private enterprise, non-profit, corporation, or for-profit organization.
  • An individual candidate’s contribution to literacy cannot be connected to any other organizations.
  • Youth Contribution to Literacy Candidate must be under the age of 21 to be eligible.


The deadline for nominations for the 2023 World Literacy Awards is December 16, 2023. You have the option of nominating yourself or another person.

To nominate, click here.

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