Good Food Innovation Fund Phase 2

Deadline: December 2 2022

Deadline: December 2 2022

Apply now for the Good Food Innovation Fund aimed at Increasing affordability of and access to Good Food.

The Good Food Innovation Fund intends to assist Sub-Saharan African small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in their successful growth and development. These companies could be:

  • Distributors, and retailers of protective foods for local, institutional markets such as school feeding, social protection programs, prisons, or hospitals
  • Manufacturers of on-farm and home light-processing and preservation technologies
  • Sellers/leasers of cold storage and distribution solutions that preserve food nutrients and reduce waste during transit from farm to market
  • Developers of low-cost packaging innovations
  • SMEs developing new, more nutritious foods or nutritional enhancement of existing food products such as fortified whole grain
  • SMEs serving low-income segments in affordable serving sizes, formats addressing the issue of availability, equitable access, desirability and affordability of Good Foods among Vulnerable Communities
  • Early-stage companies operating at the intersection of energy and agriculture by applying cost-effective, renewable energy solutions that increase the availability and affordability of Good Foods to Vulnerable Communities or improve the health of Vulnerable Communities


  • The Fund will provide Results-based financing to the selected businesses. The financing will be provided primarily in the form of interest-free repayable loans and grants-only in exceptional cases where the results are towards a public good.
  • Technical assistance support will be provided in the form of customized business advisory (BA) support. The Business Advisory support endeavors to strengthen innovators’ business capacities by addressing a myriad of challenges these SMEs face while trying to expand market share, distribute products, finance their enterprise, and change customer perceptions.
  • To increase access to finance for the selected SMEs, the Fund will provide investment readiness, investment exposure and investment facilitation support to the selected SMEs.
  • The Fund will provide advisory support to the SMEs to develop their M&E strategies and processes and implement them.
  • Learning exchange opportunities with other grantees and networking opportunities with relevant ecosystem players will be provided to the selected SMEs.
  • Type of Business: Legally incorporated/registered for-profit entities
  • Business Operations: At least 18 -24 months of operations in any of the focus countries
  • Turnover: Annual Turnover between USD 30,000 and USD 500,000 (Refer to the Term sheet for country-specific requirements)
  • Audited financial statements for at least two past years
  • Team: Businesses with 5-200 full-time employees
  • Stage of Innovation: The proposed innovation must be market-tested and scalable with an existing customer base
  • Be able to show the commitment of at least 20% matching-funding
  • Request funding amount within the stipulated range of USD 50,000 – USD 200,000 (Refer to the Term Sheet for country-specific funding availability)
  • Be compliant with fundamentals in – country and international human rights, labour standards, environmental management laws
  • Must have requisite licenses relevant to their operations from authorisation institutions within their country of registration and operation
  • Must be legally registered with the Revenue Authority in the country of operation, and physical established in the country of doing business
  • Must NOT be involved in any act of terrorism or support terrorists’ activities, child labour or any other human rights violations, and must allow regular due diligence on these

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