The Blue Charter Project Incubator for the Commonwealth

Under its first Small Grants Round, the Commonwealth Blue Charter Project Incubator is currently accepting proposals. The deadline for this round of applications is January 10, 2023.

Information on the The Blue Charter Project Incubator for the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Blue Charter Project Incubator helps countries create initiatives in accordance with the Commonwealth Blue Charter that hasten the transition to equitable, sustainable, and inclusive maritime development and marine conservation while mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The incubator helps the nations of the Commonwealth and their allies create answers to common maritime problems. Even though the awards are small (£5k to £50k), they have a broad range of potential uses, such as proof-of-concept pilot projects, larger project proposals, “quick assessments,” and project-related capacity building.

The Project Incubator, in brief,  encourages the creation of initiatives in line with each of the themes of the Commonwealth Blue Charter Action Group;

focuses on the full project cycle, including small-scale, proof-of-concept, and quick assessments;

  • Aids in the creation of financing bids for large and medium-sized projects;
  • Provides technical assistance and mentoring;
  • Enables project collaborations with non-governmental organizations;
  • Promotes scaling up and sustainable planning, including regional projects;
  • Supports unconventional, inventive, and collaborative solutions;
  • Supports achieving the un sdgs and the “30 by 30” global ocean pledges;
  • Encourages participation from women, young people, lgbti people, native americans, and local communities;
  • Adopts best practices, such as inclusion, openness, and accountability.

What more qualities do you seek in a project?

A. The merits of each application will be taken into account. Innovative

Creative “business odd” solutions are especially sought.

However innovative they may be, every solution still needs to be

Given the constraints of the project’s timetable and budget, supplied

the available technical and human resources.

Can anyone apply?

A. Every application needs to be led by the Commonwealth Government.

project organization The delivery of the project is the lead entity’s responsibility.

project. If the government is unable to accept foreign funds, it may designate a fiscal agent1 or one of the project partners to oversee the grant’s financial operations. The oversight of the appropriate distribution of these money, however, still falls under the purview of the lead Government.

Furthermore, collaboration with non-governmental organizations is strongly suggested

What Nation must apply?

A. In theory, yes, noting:

Why The nation must belong to the Blue Charter Action Group, which is where this proposed idea fits in the best. At the end of this publication is a list of the participants in the Action Group

More details about joining

Action Groups are available here. Before or after applying (by sending a letter from a minister or other high authority to the

Secretariat is adequate;

• The nation must fully comply with its Commonwealth obligations.

obligations of membership, such as not violating the “Abuja Guidelines” (we shall notify the Government Representative if their country is in default);

* A single nation may win up to four prizes in a calendar year. The nation must decide which Project Incubator applications will be implemented if more than four are granted preliminary approval;

• In some circumstances, we may decide to relax the four-award restriction mentioned in the preceding bullet if a nation is a participant in multi-country applications (see below).

What number of nations could be involved?

A. We support and favor applications from several nations

We do understand that major collaborations might not receive enough assistance at this level of granting, though.

The majority of the participating nations must be Commonwealth nations.

Financial institutions or other third parties that receive remittances are fiscal agents.

paying payments on the state’s behalf.

4 of 8 You must briefly describe in one or two sentences how your project will function if it involves widespread Commonwealth-wide or international participation.

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Read the Frequently Asked Question (PDF) (MS Word)

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