John S. Knight (JSK) Journalism Fellowship 2023-2024 at Stanford University ($95,000 stipend)

Deadline: December 1 2022

Deadline: December 1 2022

Applications open for the John S. Knight (JSK) Journalism Fellowship 2023-2024. They are especially interested in empowering those working to serve underrepresented communities. The capacity and desire to collaborate and treat others with respect while coming from a variety of perspectives must be shown by applicants.

A John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship primarily focuses on two things: identifying attitudes and tools necessary to become a more resilient leader and change agent, as well as exploring and testing ideas for tackling a problem in journalism that is relevant to you.

During the 10-month fellowship, they provide their JSK Fellows individualized coaching, a cohort of their peers and guidance that sparks professional and personal transformation. In addition, fellows will have the time and freedom to tap into and explore the resources of this world-class university.

For the John S. Knight (JSK) Journalism Fellowship 2023-2024, they seek fellows who:

  • Are fiercely committed to the future of journalism, in all of its messy uncertainty
  • Aren’t satisfied with the “way things have always been done”
  • More so, are eager to grow as journalists, as leaders, as people – they believe their best work and best selves are in front of them
  • Embrace diversity
  • Excited about the prospect of being coached through a deep examination of their mindsets and perceptions of themselves and their place in journalism
  • Like the idea of being “in fellowship” with a cohort of other journalists from varied professional and personal backgrounds
  • Are ready to set aside current work responsibilities and dig into a 10-month journey of professional and personal exploration.


  • During our 10-month fellowship, JSK Fellows receive individual coaching, tailored workshops on leadership, a cohort of their peers, and guidance that sparks professional and personal transformation.
  • Fellows also have the time and freedom to explore the resources of a world-class university. They help fellows develop the leadership resilience and mindsets needed to effectively lead and navigate change for decades to come.
  • JSK Fellows welcomed as members of a global community working to improve journalism and gain new friendships, professional connections, and skills that will continue beyond the fellowship. They invest in each of their fellows as journalists more so as people for life.
  • They provide a stipend of $95,000, plus a housing supplement to help with rent. In addition, for fellows with children up through high school graduation, they provide an additional supplemental payment.
  • Similarly, they cover the cost of Stanford tuition for fellows and Stanford health insurance for fellows, spouses and children. They also help fellows find rental housing near campus.
  • U.S. and international journalists with digital-native and legacy news organizations, independent journalists, journalism entrepreneurs and journalism innovators.
  • Applicants need to have at least five years of full-time professional work experience. They do not require applicants to have a college degree, or experience in traditional newsrooms.
  • They generally do not accept applications from people working in public information or public relations jobs, for trade and house newsletters or magazines, for government agencies, or in academic positions.
  • The fellowship does not fund or support book projects or reporting projects, and they are not a business accelerator.

For further information, visit John S. Knight (JSK)

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