TSL Sustainability Challenge Video Competition 2022

Deadline: 16 November 2022

Deadline: 16 November 2022

Trust for Sustainable Living (TSL) currently welcoming applications for the Sustainability Challenge Video Competition 2022.

The Sustainability Challenge a video contest for learners around the world. Participants of all ages welcome to enter the competition, which provides them with a forum to express their opinions and make their voices heard.

Participants invited to create a short video up to 3 minutes long, either as an individual or a group, exploring ‘My local sustainability challenges’. Your three-minute video should include the following:

  • Introduce yourself and your location/area
  • Identify the sustainability challenge being faced
  • Explore the impacts
  • Investigate solutions being actioned or suggest your own!

The video should address the four important elements above and should center on “My local sustainability challenges,” but the participant free to choose the format and manner in which to present the material. They encourage both animation and film entries.

  • The Sustainability Challenge Video Competition 2022 is open to all learners worldwide.

Entries invited in 4 categories:

  • Primary (aged 7-11)
  • Secondary (aged 12-17)
  • 18+
  • Teachers (because we never stop learning!)


  • The maximum length of each video 3 minutes (entries exceeding this not eligible for prizes).
  • To upload a video you must be registered as a Teacher Champion. Each Teacher Champion is able to upload multiple video entries.
  • For tertiary and teacher entries (aged 18+): To submit your video you must register as a Teacher Champion.
  • Primary and secondary entries (aged 7-17): Must be submitted on behalf of students by a registered Teacher Champion.
  • All video submissions uploaded to YouTube (Teacher Champions asked to provide the relevant YouTube link)
  • Login and tell us the YouTube link to your video entry by 23.59 GMT 16th November 2022.
  • Please ensure to include the following information in your video information: entry category and #TSLxZooLabSustainability2022 
Key dates
  • 04 October 2022: Registration opens for TSL and ZooLab Sustainability Challenge Video Competition
  • 16 November 2022: Entry submission deadline 23.59 GMT
  • 18 November 2022: Top entries confidentially notified
  • 22-28 November 2022: Public voting on top video entries
  • 30 November 2022: Winners announced at our live online Sustainability Challenge event

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