The 2023 Anzisha Prize For Young African Entrepreneurs 2023 – $ 50,000 in funding

Deadline: November 27th , 2022

Over 200 Very Young Entrepreneurs promoted and supported by the Anzisha Prize across the African continent. (The 2023 Anzisha Prize For Young African Entrepreneurs 2023)

Deadline: November 27th , 2022


We look forward to receiving your application for our 2023 cycle if you are a young African entrepreneur working to expand a small firm or you’ve produced something that earns money for you and your friends.

Become an example for other young entrepreneurs and motivate them to improve their communities and all of Africa.

By submitting an application for the Anzisha Prize, you have a chance to earn a share of grand cash prizes totaling more than $50,000 as well as support for your company’s operations.

We want to recognize your ability to boost the economy of your nation and generate employment since you hold the key to Africa’s future.

For the most recent information on our 2023 intake, keep checking back with the Anzisha Prize.


For more than ten years, the Anzisha Prize has supported and promoted very young entrepreneurs with its venture building fellowship program.

The three-year fellowship program honors and promotes entrepreneurship progress.

The program will monitor the progress of the company and the entrepreneur over the course of the three years. Businesses recognized for their exceptional growth and initiative with perks and services including short courses, cloud services, and cash stipends.

At the conclusion of the second year, business owners will present their ventures and achievements in an effort to earn a portion of $50,000 in grand cash prizes.

Four categories make up the Grand Prizes.

  • The Award for Job Creation
  • Prize for Revenue Growth
  • Award for Storytelling
  • Prize for Integrating Systems and Processes
  • The fellows will graduate at the end of the three-year fellowship and become part of the Anzisha Prize alumni network.


  • You must be between the ages of 15 and 22 and have an ID or passport to use as proof. No one born on or after August 31, 2007, or before September 1, 2000, will be taken into consideration.
  • You must be an African national operating a company in Africa with African clients or beneficiaries.
  • The Anzisha Prize is not given out for brilliant business concepts or plans; instead, you must have already begun and be able to demonstrate it. Before submissions are accepted, get started right away and make sure you have concrete outcomes to present.
  • Your company, creation, or charitable endeavor can be in any sector or industry (science and technology, civil society, arts and culture, sports, etc.).
  • All business endeavors are encouraged to apply.
  • The applicant must be one of the company’s original founders (for example, 2 or 3 co-founders who started up the project together).
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Anzisha Awards

  • Qualified fellows in years one and three of the fellowship will receive biannual financial stipends.
  • For qualified fellows in Years 2 and 3, there are short-term educational opportunities, internships, and consultations with specialized technical experts.
  • The Year 2 entrepreneur who has generated the most job opportunities since entering the fellowship will receive the Job Creation Prize.
  • The entrepreneur in Year 2 who has had the greatest increase in business revenue since beginning the fellowship will receive the Revenue Growth Prize.
  • The Year 2 entrepreneur who most effectively used written, oral, and visual storytelling to share their entrepreneurial journey will receive the Storytelling Prize.
  • Award given to the Year 2 entrepreneur who has successfully employed systems and processes to enhance their business model. Integration Systems and Processes Prize

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