India Science Festival (ISF) 2023 A science fiction story/poem writing competition

Deadline: December 31 2022

Deadline: December 31 2022

The return of the India Science Festival (ISF) 2023 will result in a bigger and better event this time! Spin Your Science, a premier science fiction story/poem writing competition, is now accepting submissions.

The ISF‘s premier science fiction writing contest is called Spin Your Science. Tell us a short story or poem that vividly depicts historical technology, the complex relationship between science and our present, or a dystopian future vision.

Science fiction is a type of literature that combines science with fantasy and creativity. It is founded on scientific theories, innovations, discoveries, ideas, and principles, even though it occasionally presents ethical quandaries and is speculative or abstract.

  • The top three finishers will get financial awards from India Science Fest in addition to the coveted title of ISF Fellow, exposure, and mentorship.
  • Become acquainted with other fans of science fiction by attending our workshops.
  • Get your writing featured in the ISF magazine and blog.
  • Win fantastic monetary rewards.


  • All fans of science fiction are welcome to enter the contest! Age, background, education, and nationality are all unrestricted! We hope to draw notice to all of you talented people.
  • people, who can combine science with creativity.
  • They’re open to anything that combines science, innovation, philosophy, mystery, imagination, and humor.
  • Your science fiction or poem must not exceed 1500 words. Entries that go over the word count will be automatically rejected.
  • All submissions need to be original. As a result, your poetry or narrative should not have been released somewhere else, in any format. The entry should not have been submitted before to any contest (online or offline). In other words, they want you to be as unique and as creative as you can!
  • The story or poem can be based on any science topic. If you are using a current science or tech concept in your story, do make sure to give an accurate representation. They wouldn’t want to misinform their audiences, sensationalise an issue or propagate fake science!
  • They will be accepting entries in English primarily. If you wish to submit a story in another language, please write to us. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

The story/poem should be submitted in both Word and PDF format with the following typeface:

  • Font: Arial
  • Size: Title – 12
  • Body – 10
  • Margins: 2.5 cm
  • Spacing: 1.0

However, ensure that the Word and PDF documents are free of any personal information.

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