Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge 2022 ($10,000 prize)

Deadline: 9th November 2022

Deadline: 9th November 2022

Social Shifters is currently welcoming applications for the Global Climate Challenge 2022. They’re searching for climate solutions in this Challenge that will lower greenhouse gas emissions and hasten the transition to net zero emissions. These ought to be long-term fixes that can grow over time. Any ideas, at any level, from any part of the world are welcome. They are particularly interested in solutions that:

  • Help make the shift to clean and renewable energy
  • Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels
  • Support the switch to sustainable transport
  • Heat our homes in an energy-efficient way
  • Reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill
  • Promote responsible consumption
  • Scale down plastic pollution
  • Restore our forests and oceans to help absorb CO2

Climate change is harming economies and lifestyles as global greenhouse gas emissions grow, yet it is still possible to slow the rise in global temperature. The goal of the Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge 2022 is to give young people (18 to 30 years old) the opportunity to investigate, launch, and develop concepts that will hasten the transition to net zero emissions.

Next-generation leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators known as “Social Shifters” have new answers for today’s most critical social and environmental problems. A coalition of the world’s top companies join together for their Global Innovation Challenge to set Challenges that will hasten the work of these young changemakers.


Activate Your Potential

  • Improve your abilities, self-assurance, and chances for the future with the aid of knowledgeable mentors and as a member of a welcoming global community.

Speed Up Your Concept

  • Receive FREE access to a top-tier digital incubator program to assist in the development of your project or company concept.

Make a Difference

  • Compete for a $10,000 prize to carry out projects that lower greenhouse gas emissions and promote the transition to net zero emissions.


  • Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge is open to next gen leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs with fresh solutions to today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.
  • Must be between 18 – 30 years of age
  • They’re looking for creative ideas, projects, and business solutions to the problems that matter most to you and your community. Hence, they welcome ideas at any stage and from anywhere in the world.
  • At least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals must be supported by your proposal.
  • Through the primary Challenge website,, participants can sign up. You will get an email after registering, requesting you to click a link to confirm your email address. after confirmation you can then access the competition portal and start the steps involved in posting your suggestion on the home page
  • If your verification link wasn’t sent to you, check your spam/blocked messages. if still can’t find it Email with the subject: Please Help Me Verify My Email.
  • All submissions must be made through the main competition webpage Only applications complete and submitted by 9 November 2022 at 11PM (UTC) considered.
  • All materials submitted to the competition must be provided in English.

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