Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP) 2023

Deadline: January 17, 2023

Deadline: January 17, 2023

Apply now for the Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP) 2023. They welcome applications from qualified human rights advocates from all regions of the world.

The Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP) , which was established in 1989, is a distinctive and effective example of human rights capacity building. HRAP makes use of its connections to Columbia University and its location in New York City to give local leaders the resources, information, connections, and networks they need to grow their groups and advance human rights.

HRAP offers advocates the chance to improve practical skills, gain a deeper awareness of human rights, and form mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations and people in their areas through its extensive program of advocacy, networking, skills-building, and academic study.


  • Only a small handful of full scholarships given out. Other approved candidates expected to pay expenditures like living costs and a stipend.


  • The program intended for human rights advocates working with NGOs on topics such as domestic violence, sexual and gender-based violence, minority rights, LGBT rights, labor rights, migration, health, social exclusion, environmental justice, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Participants chosen based on their demonstrated potential to pursue graduate-level studies, commitment to the human rights area, and prior experience working in the field of human rights. Government employees and full-time students will not receive consideration. Encouraged that applicants work a full- or part-time employment while pursuing their advocacy goals.
  • Advocacy efforts must start at the local level. With the exception of those who represent underprivileged populations, applicants from high-income nations not taken into consideration. English proficiency is necessary. Those who haven’t previously had the chance to travel or study abroad given preference.
  • In order to participate in the Program, advocates must show documentation of institutional support from their organizations, and they must promise to return to those organizations after the Program is through. Each organization should only submit one application. If an organization submits more than one application, all of those applications will be rejected. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that they are the only applicant from their organization.
  • All required fields on the application must be filled out. Please fill out every field in English. Please adhere to all guidelines, especially those given to your email.
  • Applicants must create an account on the ISHR website, log in, and then access the application. By selecting Start/Resume A HRAP Application from the menu after logging in, candidates can start a new application.
  • After starting a form, the applicant has the option of saving it as a draft or finishing it and submitting it. You can come back to this page and finish the form if you decide to save it as a draft. A confirmation will be emailed to the applicant after the application is submitted in its entirety. Before the deadline, applicants may login to the online application to view or change their submitted applications.
  • Log into the ISHR website and select Manage HRAP Submission to update or finish applications already submitted.
  • In late May 2023, applicants informed of their status. Please be patient as the selection and funding procedures take time and the worldwide pandemic situation is still evolving.

Required documents

  • Two recommendation letters must be in writing and signed. Letters not signed will not be accepted, and your entire application disqualified.However, digital signatures accepted.
  • The endorsers must include their contact details (phone number and email address). You cannot use one of the recommendation letters as the evidence of institutional support.
  • The language of all supporting materials must be English. They must come from people who can vouch for your activities on behalf of human rights. The assessment significantly influenced by your letters of recommendation.
  • Please get in touch with possible recommenders right away. Most recommenders need at least a few weeks to draft a strong letter of recommendation.
  • Additionally, uploaded a copy of your university transcript and/or diploma.
  • At the time of the release of this application, we are planning to offer the next HRAP on campus from late August 2023 to mid-December 2023. Please note that the timing is subject to change. Please revisit this section for any changes.

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