DEADLINE: October 30th 2022

With seed funding of EUR 5,000, the GLFx initiative is launching a call to support new GLFx chapters that are driving local action for the sustainability of Africa’s landscapes. Applications from NGOs, groups, and networks of organizations focused on multi-stakeholder partnerships, restoration, or sustainable agrifood systems are especially encouraged. (SEED FUNDING TO BUILD GLFX CHAPTERS IN AFRICA)
Expires on October 30th

What is GLFx?
GLFx is a decentralized network of autonomous chapters that regularly get together to promote eco-friendly activities in their local environments. By providing members with the information, networks, and technology they need to connect, share, learn, and take action using a holistic approach, intended to speed global movement toward sustainable landscapes.

GLFx: why?
GLFx was developed to use community initiatives to promote sustainable landscapes to transform landscapes from the ground up. The effort driven by community action plans that seek to encourage knowledge sharing, local restoration action implementation, and community mobilization training.

How do GLF chapters work?

GLF chapters include:

Teams of people applying for NGO recognition Local NGOs already in existence or grassroots initiatives
networks, partnerships, or institutionalized stakeholder groups that already exist
The most crucial element is that your organization, whether it be a new team, an NGO, or an initiative, is operating at the landscape level and mobilizing—or is willing to mobilize—your community and the pertinent stakeholders to promote sustainable landscape usage.

The request is for networks, collaborations, initiatives, teams, and organizations that:

  • are based in Africa,
  • support on-the-ground community meetings and local initiatives for sustainable land use,
  • and have a diverse administrative structure to collect and handle funding:
  • The selection process will take into account the importance of gender balance in a team.

Please keep in mind that

  • Groups with a strong commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and restoration are especially have to apply.
  • Groups of people, or organizations,that have already started partnerships and dialogues with other stakeholders in the landscape particularly invited to apply.
  • Demonstrated experience in mobilizing actors to facilitate local action is an asset.

What is offered?
Chapters that are chosen will get:

  • initial contribution of €5,000 to support chapter operations
  • workshops and/or toolkits to ease the implementation of a community action plan can be used in conjunction with community mobilization training to enable coordinated restoration activity.
  • GLFx Secretariat assistance in important areas (e.g. technical assistance for platform onboarding, capacity development materials, and learning opportunities)
  • a relationship with and support for GLF charter members in their area, as well as access to the GLFx chapter network and promotional opportunities (e.g. profiles in the Landscape News online journal, speaking engagements)
What can you anticipate from chapters?

If you acquire seed funds and establish a chapter, you will be required to:

  • Offer regular multi-stakeholder events, either in person or online, to mobilize your neighborhood and plan neighborhood projects.
  • Create a space online on the GLFx platform where you can showcase your opportunities and events and invite additional people to join your chapter.
  • Engage in activities that promote learning, knowledge generation and sharing, multi-stakeholder collaborations, sustainable practices, and socio-economic transformation. Connect and collaborate frequently with the GLF by participating in regular meetings and attending learning and knowledge-sharing events offered by the organization.


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DEADLINE: October 30th 2022


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