Research Grants for Civil Society Activities from the Commonwealth Foundation in 2023 

Deadline for applications: November 1st, 2022

The Commonwealth, which has a population of more than 2.3 billion people, offers a potentially enormous source of ideas for advancing societies – Research Grants for Civil Society Activities from the Commonwealth Foundation in 2023 

Deadline for applications: November 1st, 2022

Eligible nations are Commonwealth nations.

What the Award Is: The Foundation provides grants of up to £200,000 over a four-year period to support creative project concepts and methodologies that aim to improve the capacity of civic voices to interact with governments and that have the potential to enhance governance and development outcomes through their active participation.

The Foundation will give funds for innovative ideas that have the potential to affect public opinion because it believes in the power of stories and storytelling for bringing about social change.

All bids must guarantee that the project’s overarching gender subject is mainstreamed.

Fields of Funding: The Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2021–2026 defines three main areas of focus and is closely tied to the Commonwealth Charter and its values and objectives.

Environment, climate change, and health
freedom of speech
The grant application period for 2022–2023 begins on Thursday, September 29, at 1 PM GMT, and ends on Tuesday, November 1, at 1 PM GMT. Please download the call documents below for further information on qualifying requirements and the application process.

The following requirements must be satisfied in order to qualify for a grant.

  1. The application is a recognized non-profit civil society organization, as are any partners, if appropriate (CSOs).
  2. The project should be conducted in a participating Commonwealth Foundation member nation, and the applicant and, if relevant, partners must be based there as well. There is a list of nations that qualify for this call in Annex 1.
  3. The request is for funding of up to £50,000 annually.
  4. The applicant is asking for up to four years of support.
  5. When the application window is open, the applicant does not already hold a grant from the Commonwealth Foundation.
  6. The applicant’s total annual income has been less than £3m on average during the previous two years.
  7. The project must address one or both of the outcomes of the Commonwealth Foundation.
  8. The following papers will be submitted with the application by the applicant:
  9. a finished logic model created using the template provided by the Commonwealth Foundation
  10. a duplicate of the organization’s certificate of registration (the official registration document provided by the relevant authorities in the country concerned)
  11. a copy of the company’s most recent audited financial statements (it must include both the accounts and the opinion of the external auditor who has certified them; it should not be older than December 2016)
  12. a copy of each partner organization’s registration certificate
  13. Selection Criteria: A grant application procedure consists of two stages: a preliminary application and a complete application. Only organizations who have been shortlisted will be requested to submit a complete application.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate preliminary applications:

  1. The application has a precise definition of the issue.
  2. The application makes it abundantly evident that it is both demand-driven and pertinent.
  3. One or both Commonwealth Foundation outcomes must be addressed by the project.
  4. The proposal demonstrates in detail how the proposed actions will produce the project’s desired results.
  5. The organization(s) is/are capable of delivering the proposal that has been submitted.
  6. The project’s design and plan must take gender equality into account.

In addition to the criteria used at the preliminary application stage, the following criteria will also be utilized to evaluate full applications:

  1. The application clearly demonstrates a plan to continue the project’s beneficial results after the Commonwealth Foundation funding expires.
  2. The project has a well-defined Monitoring and Evaluation approach.
  3. The project evaluates how the projected change will specifically affect women and girls and conducts a strong gender analysis of the issue.

The selection procedure is extremely competitive, and projects that are chosen will have been planned to carry out work that could result in one or more of the outcomes in the strategic logic model of the Foundation.


Up to £200,000 over four years is the award’s value.

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How to Apply:

Interested parties must fill out and submit an online application form using the system found at the link below.

Before submitting, it’s crucial to review all of the useful application information.

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