National Grants Funding Scheme 2023 Call for Project Proposals (Up to SCR 750,000)

Deadline: 30th October, 2022

Deadline: 30th October, 2022

The National Grants Funding Scheme 2023 Call for Project Proposals is currently open! The Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade in collaboration with the National Grants Committee invites eligible not-for-profit, non-governmental organisations to submit project proposals for financial support under the 2023 National Grant Funding Scheme. This scheme targets projects geared towards the Seychelles National Development Strategic Plan, linked to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals

The purpose of the National Grant Scheme to support project and organisations that help meet the country’s National Development Priorities linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The national development priorities are featured in the Seychelles National Development Strategic Plan (2019 -2023) accessible via the following link: HERE

The key pillars are:                            

  • People at the Centre of Development
  • Social Cohesion
  • Innovative Economy
  • Economic Transformation
  • Sustainable and Resilient Environment

All project proposals submitted to the National Grants Committee must have as their main purpose the change in the social circumstances of groups and communities in Seychelles. Proposals may cover part or in full any of the SDGs or specific national development strategies.

  • The minimum grant amount is SCR 100,000 and maximum SCR 750,000.


  • Registered not-for-profit entities that must have been in operation in the Seychelles for a minimum of one year.
  • Eligible not-for-profit organisations must be financially accountable and possess certified audited financial statements for the preceding year ending 31st December, 2021.
  • Priority given to projects and organizations which help meet the country’s national development priorities linked to the Sustainable Development Goals number 1,2,3,4,5, 6,8, 10,11,16.
  • The minimum duration of grant awards is not less than six (6) months and the maximum duration is twelve (12) months and projects must be implemented during the calendar year. All project activities must be completed by 31st December, 2023.
  • An organisation can submit as many applications. However, successful applicants are eligible to only one grant per calendar year.
Application Procedure
  • Applications submitted via the online portal
  • For the National Grants Funding Scheme 2023 Call for Project Proposals application guidelines click HERE

Required documents

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copies of ID of members
  • 2021 Audited Financial statement
  • NGO Banking Details (top part of bank statement or copy of a blank cheque).

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