GoBigChallenge for African Entrepreneurs Call for Applications

Business owners asked to submit entries describing how they expanded from a simple idea to a respectable profit using the resources of TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn – GoBigChallenge for African Entrepreneurs Call for Applications

It’s time for the #GoBigChallenge! Powered by LetsGo, a network of Africa’s digitally-active creators, innovators and start-ups changing lives via financial and general welfare empowerment.

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With this challenge, LetsGo is enabling the Digital Citizen in the age of the new normal with simple, accessible customised Digital Financial and Beyond Financial services that suit their life goals and assist enhance lives.

Who may apply?

The social media challenge aspires to encourage approximately 11 local start-ups within the spaces of the programs the company supports; education, agriculture, creativity, technology, and housing, and who use social media to enhance their sales, brand, and customer awareness.


range of ages: 18 to 45
Gender: Both Male & Female\sGroup Team: 4-10 persons with common dream

Winners will benefit from monetary prizes, entrepreneurship seminars, and networking possibilities.

Entries Submission:

Using the power of TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn; business owners challenged to submit submissions showing how they scaled from simply a concept to earn a reasonable profit. Firm owners are to create movies on their pages highlighting the progress they have made so far in their business.

Record producer Nektunez, who made the world take notice with his production of “Ameno Amapiano” and is Going BiG with his aspirations, is a success story of the LetsGo community.

Joining the LetsGo Nation allows a creative like Nektunez the chance to network with a Community of African Doers, Shakers, Changers, and Believers who are harnessing their shared energy to “get things done” to help “better life” for all and make the most of it.

How to Use

STEP 1: Complete this application form at the website linked below.

STEP 2: Submit your one-minute video

Follow @letsgodigitalafrica across all social media platforms in STEP 3.

Upload to your pages in STEP 4. (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook)

In your video presentation of your Go BIG business or passion and how far you think you can take it with Lets Go, tag @letsgodigitalafrica in step five.

(#GoBiGChallenge #GoBiGChallenge #LetsGoCountry #GoBiGwithLetsGo)

Note: Your country should be included in the final hashtag.

The #GoBigChallenge’s timeline runs from September 2018 to December 2022.

To apply, click here.


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