Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 8th Edition 2022 for Tech Startups (€100,000 Grand Prize)

Deadline: September 23rd 2022

Deadline: September 23rd 2022

Apply now for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 8th Edition 2022! A renowned international startup competition organized by Hello Tomorrow since 2014. It is uniquely designed to address the needs of early-stage deep tech startups across all industries.

Hello Tomorrow was created in 2011 by a group of individuals convinced that science has the potential to change the world for the better, but that the traditional model of technology transfer to bring solutions from lab to market and from idea to impact could not rise to this challenge. Since then they have built and orchestrated the largest and widest Deep Tech network as well as helping Deep Tech startups and corporations build new solutions.

The Challenge gives deep tech and science-based entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their projects, providing opportunities for equity-free funding, global visibility and connections with key players in the deep tech ecosystem. To date, previous winners and finalists have already raised more than $2 billion in funding.



  • Track Winners receive customized coaching sessions by our experts & personal introductions with relevant investors & potential partners and clients.
  • Connect with leading industry experts, investors, accelerators & fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Become part of the Deep Tech Pioneers community & get all-year access to a global deep tech ecosystem to receive business and funding opportunities.


  • Receive the Deep Tech Pioneer recognition & get a chance to feature in their reports and invited to speak at future events.
  • Opportunities to pitch or showcase in front of a curated audience of renowned industry leaders & investors.
  • Spotted by international media, with interview opportunities.


  • €100K Grand Prize, €30K 2nd prize and €20K 3rd prize – all equity-free, no strings attached.
  • Advertise your open fundraising opportunities to our active international investor network
  • A dedicated Investor Day for 1-on-1 meetings with 200+ renowned VCs and CVCs.

We welcome startups that:

  • One in the early-stage of development (from not yet incorporated startups up to series A or early commercialization stage)
  • Are based on a new technology, a scientific discovery or a complex engineering process.
  • Have a scientific validation of their claim, a proof of concept, a prototype, or are in the process of producing one.
  • Have a team of at least 2 people.
  • Are not a subsidiaries or spin-off of an existing company.
  • Foresee an economically viable application on the market within 15 years.
  • Have the potential to have a strong impact on the industry targeted and on society or the environment in general.
Application for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 8th Edition 2022
  • Entries are free of charge.
  • All entries must be submitted online (paper submissions will not be considered) on the following platform: http://apply.hello-tomorrow.org:
  • Entries must be submitted in one of the pre-defined categories (or “tracks”).
  • Hello Tomorrow’s organizing committee reserves the right to admit any given entry in a different track from the one selected by the team at the time of online registration.
  • If the team is admitted to a track other than the one selected by the participant, the Hello Tomorrow organizing committee will communicate this decision to the team.
  • The decision of the organizing committee regarding late or non-conforming submissions is final.

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