Princeton in Africa Nexus Fellowship Program 2023/2024 for young African Professionals

Date for Submission: October 26, 2022

Princeton is extending its model to test Nexus in Africa in 2023! For a co-fellow exchange of skills, knowledge, leadership, and technical expertise, Princeton in Africa Nexus will pair 5 Africa Fellows educated and residing on the African continent with 5 Fellows educated at U.S. accredited institutions in the same fellowship host organizations on the African continent. The Nexus is a supplement to PiAf’s renowned fellowship program designed for young leaders who attended an accredited college in the United States – Princeton in Africa Nexus Fellowship Program 2023/2024 for young African Professionals

Date for Submission: October 26, 2022

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The program aims to enhance the professional development of our Fellows while they are on the African continent and to integrate young professionals who have received their education at African universities into our global network of nearly 700 alumni.

I want to apply to be a Nexus Fellow.
Those who apply for the Nexus program must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess both African nationality and present-day residence in an African nation (applicants with dual U.S. citizenship not considered).
  • Possess a Ph.D., a Master’s degree (or its equivalent), or an undergraduate degree from an African university.

The following qualifies applicants for the general PiAf fellowship program:

  • PiAf general applicants must be recent graduates or graduating seniors of a 4-year college or university that is accredited by the United States.However, the majority of universities outside of the United States lack U.S. accreditation, graduates from such institutions who go on to earn additional degrees from institutions with U.S. accreditation are qualified to apply to Princeton in Africa.
  • Further,all applicants must hold a graduate degree or a 4-year undergraduate degree from a university accredited by the United States.
  • A candidate for Nexus would be given consideration for the general fellowship program even if they just have a degree from an accredited 4-year U.S. institution or university.
  • Application
  • CV or resume (2 pages max)
  • Authentic transcript (All Applicants)
  • Documentation for University Enrollment Verification (Nexus Applicants Only)
  • one recommendation letter (submitted using this form)
  • $75 Non-refundable application fee (for information on fee waivers based on need, contact
  • Complete the online form
  • demonstrated dedication to serving others

For Additional Information

Visit the Princeton in Africa Nexus Fellowship Program 2023/2024 website.


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