The Roddenberry Foundation Catalyst Fund 2022 ($ 15,000 funding)

The Roddenberry Foundation Catalyst Fund 2022 is now accepting applications.

Anybody, anywhere in the world, who has an early-stage concept or initiative that tackles serious global concerns is eligible to apply for funding from The Catalyst Fund.

Catalyst Funds

Early Stage: The Catalyst Fund is targeted towards small and/or early-stage concepts and projects that require financial support to get off the ground or demonstrate their viability. Catalyst grantees are frequently testing the waters, entering uncharted territory, preparing to launch, or changing course.

Big Ideas: The Catalyst Fund backs innovative concepts or initiatives that challenge the current quo and force us to reframe problems and their solutions. These large concepts have a great chance of affecting an entire neighborhood, city, or nation. They frequently make use of already-existing infrastructure, expand on public and private partnerships, and enhance what is already in place. Big ideas challenge the status quo and push the envelope.

Bold Vision: The Catalyst Fund assists people with bold change-related goals. Catalyst award recipients have a vision for how to get there and what has to be done. They seek out major, long-term effect. They are able to explain why they want to improve the world and how they intend to do it. 

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The Catalyst Fund accepts requests between $2,500 and $15,000. Any requests for more than $15k will be automatically rejected. Don’t ask for more than you need; for example, if you just need $7000, don’t ask for $12,000. Consider how much funding you currently require and how you will utilize it to advance your idea when choosing how much to ask for.


Grants are given by The Catalyst Fund to anyone, wherever. You could be starting out or have 25 years of experience. You might be employed by a for-profit business, a social venture, a non-profit organization, a team, or yourself. Each applicant, in order to be qualified:

  • Be at least 18 years old. At the time of application submission, you must be 18 years old. Just wait a little bit longer If you will turn 18 during the anticipated time frame for receiving a response to your application. When you turn 18, They are excited to review your application.
  • Submit a resume in English. Although the Foundation accepts proposals from all over the world, they prefer that You submit your application in English. They are best able to comprehend your work and the subtleties of your proposal because of this.
  • Include all completed application questions and answers. Their understanding of your aims and ultimate objectives Depends on them answering every mandatory question on their application. They try not to ask too much or too little so answer all the questions with as much detail as possible.
  • Accept the Catalyst Fund award program’s terms and conditions in their entirety. Your suggestion must, first and foremost, be for a project with charity objectives. They also require you to submit a final grant report. As part of the preliminary due diligence procedure, they could also request more paperwork. This very useful rules document contains a comprehensive list of the Catalyst Fund’s terms and conditions. Make sure you are aware of the commitment you are making!
  • Being qualified to lawfully receive grant money The Catalyst Fund awards grants to a wide range of organizations, yet there are some that they are unable to support. Governmental organizations, advocacy groups, or organizations in nations where doing so is forbidden by law, regulation, a treaty, or an administrative act from entering iinto trade with the US


Impact: The solution has the potential to have a real, observable, and substantial impact (at some point)
Creative: A solution is innovative if it offers a fresh or unconventional take on an ongoing issue.
Original: Different from current possibilities or strategies, the solution is unique and inventive.
Ecosystem: A solution that relies on accepted best practices and makes use of already-existing products or systems


There is no time limit. All year round, applications are accepted. You will have nine months from the time your funds are disbursed to finish the tasks listed in your grant application.

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Visit the Roddenberry Foundation for additional information about The Roddenberry Foundation Catalyst Fund 2022.


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