Fully Funded Volunteering Opportunities at United Nations UN

Are you prepared to serve as a global UN Volunteer?
Volunteering for the UN is one way to provide your time, talents, and knowledge. This is a chance to make a difference and exert substantial influence in the direction of peace and development. Affect many people’s life positively! – Fully Funded Volunteering Opportunities at United Nations UN
To volunteer for the UN abroad, you must first ascertain that you meet the necessary conditions (see below). Register your profile on our Unified Volunteering Platform if this is the case. Then you can submit an application for jobs that are in great demand or even in extremely specialized fields.

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Why Volunteer With the UN?

  • International UN Volunteers preserve the principles and aspirations of the United Nations while promoting peace and development in local communities all over the world.
  • They represent many cultures and backgrounds, hail from 160 different countries, and contribute a wide range of viewpoints and methods.
  • You will be able to leave a lasting impression thanks to your worldwide UN Volunteer job. Beyond the immediate effects of your efforts, it may have a far-reaching effect.
  • You will broaden your network, have unparalleled career and life experiences, and learn about many cultures and languages as an international UN Volunteer.


  • International UN Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, however there are different requirements for different categories. UN Volunteer Specialists must be at least 27 years old, UN Expert Volunteers must be 35 years of age or older, and UN Youth Volunteers, including University Volunteers, must be between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • In addition to language proficiency, there can be requirements for appropriate professional and academic experience. For further information, see the description of the assignment for the UN Volunteer position you are applying for.
  • All UN Volunteers must demonstrate a dedication to the ideals of volunteering, the specified missions of the UN, and the UN Charter, as well as the capacity to collaborate in a multicultural setting and with others.

Conditions of Service

  • Assignments as an international UN Volunteer may typically last between three and twelve months, with the potential for contract extensions of up to four years. UN University Volunteers can serve for three to six months, while UN Youth Volunteers can stay for up to two years. Find out more below.
  • International UN Volunteers are eligible for a number of benefits to help them with their mission. Allowances are under no circumstances to be interpreted as payment for the volunteer effort or as a reward or remuneration. Allowances are intended to help UN Volunteers maintain a secure standard of living while serving in their missions.

How to register / Apply

  • On our Unified Volunteering Platform UNV, volunteer opportunities with the UN are advertised.
  • Candidate registration in our Global Talent Pool is required in order to submit an assignment application.
  • Before you can apply for volunteer positions on-site or online, you must first complete the registration process, which consists of a few easy steps.
  • If you want to keep your UNV profile active, you should log in at least once a year and make changes.

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