Alongside Wildlife Foundation seed grant program 2022 (up to $2,000 USD)

Deadline: September 15th 2022

Deadline: September 15th 2022

Alongside Wildlife Foundation is welcoming proposals for its seed grant program 2022.Apply now! The Foundation wants to know how wildlife populations use landscapes thus helping the people learning to live alongside them.

The Alongside Wildlife Foundation a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity supported by a grassroots network of people passionate about wildlife. Through research, outreach and (coming soon) land acquisition; they pursue science-based solutions for living alongside wildlife in perpetuity.

Alongside Wildlife Foundation seed grant program 2022 will support the kinds of important wildlife projects typically overlooked by most major organizations. In just few years they’ve awarded over $60,000 to wildlife conservation projects from Arkansas to Indonesia.

Alongside Wildlife Foundation seed grant program 2022 support focus on:

Natural History: despite increasing calls to recognize and appreciate natural history, this type of research is rarely prioritized; they fund projects that generate basic but vital information about the species alongside us.

Science Communication: scientists and science communicators are facing pressure to reach out and engage with new audiences.However,their grant program is designed to support this work; we focus on projects that facilitate and encourage science communication projects that aim to reduce human/wildlife conflict. Projects must include novel and creative collaborations between scientists and artists.

Living Alongside Wildlife: As our landscapes become increasingly human-dominated, it is essential to generate and implement co-existence strategies that allow for wildlife to persist alongside us. We fund projects that evaluate or implement science-based strategies to reduce human/wildlife conflict.


  • Up to $2,000 USD.

Qualifying projects should be

  • Internationally based (outside of the USA).
  • This is a seed grant program, meaning they prioritize projects that have not yet started or are within their first year.
  • Projects should focus on terrestrial and shoreline-associated animals (including invertebrates). They do not generally fund marine work.
  • Projects that propose lethal solutions to human/wildlife conflict not eligible more so wildlife rehabilitation work.
  • To apply for a seed grant, please complete an application form.
  • If you represent an international or small organization with a limited online presence, The Alongside Wildlife Foundation appreciates independent letters written on your behalf when evaluating your proposal as well as supplementary information that allows us to learn more about your project or institution.
  • Graduate students should include a letter of support from your advisor. Letters can either be submitted by you immediately after you submit your application or before the application deadline by your advisor.
  • If you choose to have your advisor submit a letter, please send them the link to the letter submission portal, which you have access to after submitting your proposal.
  • Files should be saved as YourLastName_GrantLetter1; YourLastName_GrantLetter2, etc. prior to uploading.

Visit Alongside Wildlife Foundation for further information.

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