2022 Google Hustle Academy for African Business Owners

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The Hustle Academy is already operational and ready to assist you in taking your company to the next level. Get free access to master lectures by leading professionals from the business, one-on-one mentoring, and live training sessions – 2022 Google Hustle Academy for African Business Owners

Deadline: 30th September 2022

When you enroll in the Hustle Academy’s weeklong boot camp, which is presently open to companies in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, you may benefit from all this wonderful support as well as a plethora of networking opportunities.

This online boot camp, led by subject matter experts, is created to assist small businesses in developing by boosting income, positioning for investment, and creating a long-term sustainable firm.

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In order to qualify, firms/companies/entrepreneurs must meet the following standards:

  • Commercial maturity Businesses should have a business plan in place, have identified their product or service offering, and be seeking to expand this up at this time.
  • Operation size: Businesses that have at least two full-time employees and have been in operation for more than a year are eligible to enroll in The Hustle Academy.
  • Income derived: Businesses that have made a profit in the last 12 months or are 1-3 months away from breaking even are the target audience for this course.

Which nations can apply?
South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya

To Apply and for more information about 2022 Google Hustle Academy for African Business Owners Click Here

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