UNCAP 2022 investment cohort for early-stage founders (up to 50,000 EUR seed funding)

Deadline: 16th September 2022

Deadline: 16th September 2022

For its funding cohort in 2022, UNCAP is currently seeking submissions from early-stage founders. Apply right away to support your business potential.

UNCAP’s vision is to give every good early-stage entrepreneur a chance to access funding, no matter their gender, educational background or location. Through its funding and growth platform, it is able to provide early-stage funding to thousands of entrepreneurs, unbiased and low-cost.

UNCAP aims at revolutionizing access to funding in sub-saharan Africa. It has invested in 30 businesses in 8 countries in sub-Saharan Africa across a variety of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, finance and healthcare to name just a few.

Why apply to uncap
  • Investment between 10,000 – 50,000 EUR to cover your early-stage funding need.
  • They have built a data-driven algorithm for decision making to eliminate biases & human decision making.
  • They purchase shares in your company that you buy-back based on the growth of your revenues.​
  • No collateral, they don’t ask for any collateral.


Who UNCAP 2022 investment cohort for early-stage founders will finance

  • Registered as Limited You run a registered limited company in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, or Nigeria >10,000 EUR yearly revenues You have generated at least 10,000 EUR in the last 12 months
  • Operational for 12-48 months You are beyond idea stage, but still early in your journey
  • Well-kept accounts Well-kept records of accounts, permits and licenses allowing you to operate
  • Potential to scale Your business model can be scaled, i.e. grown regionally, or nationally
How it works  
  • Create account: Provide a few details on your business, invite your Co-Founders and you are ready to get started.
  • Apply: Complete all the steps of the application process. These will be a mix of tests about you, your business skills and financial insights.
  • Sign offer: If shortlisted, They will then conduct a comprehensive appraisal of your business.
  • Join network: Once you sign your investment contract, you will get access to your individual dashboard with helpful analytics, and join our growing network of entrepreneurs.

visit UNCAP for more details on UNCAP 2022 investment cohort for early-stage founders.

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