The SDG Innovation Challenge 2022 is now accepting applications

Deadline: November 1, 2022

The SDG Innovation Challenge, which was created as a virtual, pan-African ideation arena, is a catalyst for young people from all over the continent to come together and co-develop useful solution ideas to local problems while advancing sustainable development on a larger scale – The SDG Innovation Challenge 2022

Deadline: November 1, 2022

This innovation challenge was created in 2020, and it requires participants to use their design and complex thinking abilities to provide quantifiable and qualitative solutions to problems. The World Bank reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused approximately 40 million people in Africa to live in extreme poverty and has negatively impacted the economy and way of life in numerous ways.

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Concerning The SDG Innovation Challenge 2022

The SDG Innovation Challenge 2022 builds upon its precedents to create a broader platform for expanded outreach and wider horizons. The SDG Innovation Challenge unites young talent with three main objectives under the topic Transformative Solutions against Global Challenges – Accountability in Leveraging Youth Action to Create and Empower.

  • To inspire original thought by bringing together innovators from various fields and industries.
  • To create innovative, useful methods for enhancing the effect of the SDGs through cross-border cooperation.
  • To spark transformative action for improved community livelihoods and sustainable development across Africa.


Motivated young Africans can collaborate to co-create useful ideas that promote the sustainable development of their local communities through the SDG Innovation Challenge. Here are a handful of the many benefits of participating:

Access to an unconventional, vibrant, and diverse platform of young people’s organizations, activists, and lawmakers Utilize a supportive online environment to come together around workable SDG solutions!
A crucial chance to envision and carry out the SDGs at the local level – As a proactive, committed global citizen, take part in shaping the future and getting involved in the sustainable development agenda.
Significant networking potential Establish relationships and join a community of practice focused on eco-systemic, cooperative solutions.

An area where you can flex your global citizenship muscles Develop and improve your abilities in areas including leadership, creativity, cross-sector collaboration, analytical thinking, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and related fields.
sourcing many perspectives, backgrounds, and industries – Work with individuals in a wide range of fields, including engineering, design, public policy, social justice reform, project management, finance, education, and many more.

Eligibility for The SDG Innovation Challenge 2022

  • Open to involvement from young people in Africa.
  • Possess a relationship to the theme of this year’s challenge: Transformative Solutions against Global Challenges – Accountability in Leveraging Youth Action to Create and Empower.
  • Have a desire to improve lives both within and outside of your community.
  • A sincere desire to support the SDGs in your town and beyond and a genuine interest in sustainable development.
  • The drive to participate actively, to generate lots of ideas, and to work in an environment similar to a hackathon.
  • A desire to interact and work together with people from other fields and locations.
  • The capacity to collaborate across disciplines.
  • The promise to see the plan through to completion and to stick with the cause after the SDG Innovation Challenge.


There are two steps in the registration process:

You must first register your group, which can be done by any group member. Since you will be required to enter their details in the online registration form, you must be prepared with the names and email addresses of the young innovators you will be collaborating with.

Please take note that the pre-event connector space on Facebook is the place to be if you’re looking for a group to enter the Challenge, you’d like more diversity of thought and talent in your group, or you ‘simply’ want to meet like-minded, passionate people who care about the SDGs. Whatever your line of work, it’s open for business.

The second step, the personal registry, where each group member must enter additional personal information that is necessary to make the event a complete success, is explained in an email that the registrant will get after completing the group registration. Only organizations that have finished both steps will be given consideration for participation in the SDG Innovation Challenge 2022. Both steps are equally crucial.

Visit SDG Innovation Challenge for additional details about SDG Innovation Challenge CLICK HERE.


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