AIPS Sports media Awards 2022 (up to USD 8.000 prize)

Deadline: October 14 2022

Deadline: October 14 2022

Applications for the AIPS Sports media Awards 2022 are currently open. Sports journalists encouraged to enter this contest.

The International Sport Press Association (AIPS) the peak professional body representing the international sports media, with more than 9,500 members worldwide has launched its 2022 Sport Media Awards.

AIPS Sport Media Awards are a celebration of sports media excellence, representing a new, inspiring horizon for sports journalists across the globe.The Awards, currently in their fifth edition, offer recognition to the very best sport storytellers across all media platforms, from photography to video, from print to digital, from podcasts to sports blogs.

The categories are:

  • Writing (best column and best color piece)
  • Photography (action picture and portfolio)
  • Audio, video (short feature, athlete profile and documentary)  
  • Young reporter under 30.

Each eligible award consists of an original trophy and prize money

  • USD 8.000 for the winner, second placed will receive USD 3.000 and third placed USD 2.000 in the Photography (“Sport Action” and “Portfolio”), Writing (“Best Column” and “Best Colour Piece”), “Audio” and Video (“Athlete Profile”, “Documentary” and “Short feature”) categories.
  • Winners of each of the “Young Reporters” categories (Photography, Writing and Broadcasting) will receive a career-boost opportunity: a scholarship in a major international sports event. However, “Young Reporters” categories do not include second and third place.
  • “Special Awards” are not open to submissions. Winners will be awarded with a trophy, without prize money. The “Special Awards” categories do not include second and third place.


  • The AIPS Sport Media Awards 2022 are open to professional journalists, whether directly employed or freelancers.
  • Applications may come from AIPS cardholders as well as those who are not members of the association but must come from one of the countries represented by the 161 member national associations. (Refer to the full list on
  • All entrants must be persons who were at least 18 years of age on November 5, 2021.
  • Works must have been published or broadcast between Nov. 5, 2021 and Oct. 14, 2022. All languages accepted.
  • English translation (for written and audio submissions) and English subtitles (for videos) is welcome as additional material with submissions and could also be required in the future.

Submissions can be made only via the Awards website until October 14, 2022, 18:00 Central European Time.

Supporting documents and proof of publication also submitted only via the website. A maximum of 2 separate submissions per entrant are allowed across all categories of the awards.

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For further information,visit AIPS Award website

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