Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards)

Deadline:September 15, 2022

Applications for the Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards) currently open.

The goal of this effort, a cooperative venture amongest partners from the six continents, was to create a network of more than 6000 EdTech startups from more than 130 nations –  Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards)

Deadline:September 15, 2022

The GESAwards give startups from all over the world the chance to present their goods to a large audience, engage with one another and form important connections, create business prospects, and compete to be named the greatest edtech startup of the year. Along with highlighting the top Edtech startups, GESAwards supports the development of regional EdTech ecosystems and streamlines the flow of EdTech investments into alternative markets.

GESAwards prizes for 2022
The ideal edtech solution

A clear, market-relevant pain problem, a creative method, growth potential based on a sustainable business model, an appropriate user experience, and evidence of product viability are all present in the solution.


A solution with a strong pedagogical value addition based on current, cutting-edge technologies and/or trends

Emerging Markets

A solution that addresses the key difficulties arising from growing markets and ensures the best possible product-market fit for those markets
Social Effects

A solution that provides a scaleable response to pertinent current social and international concerns

Unique Tracks

5 answers that address the particular difficulties listed by each of the Special Tracks: Restarting cultural treasures, dependable AI, NextGen HigherED, self-regulated learning with AI, and enhancing learner competencies

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the good or service

  1. Address a prominent, market-relevant pain point
  2. Present a cutting-edge pedagogical strategy
  3. Provide a useful user experience
  4. Demonstrate growth potential based on a sustainable business plan.
  5. Show that the product is viable.

Enter one of the GESAwards Special Tracks for a chance to win exclusive business possibilities.

*Participation in the main GESAwards competition is automatically granted when applying to a specific track.
By entering the GESAwards, you can gain visibility abroad and compete for the title of the most promising EdTech startup worldwide.

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