WikiProject AfroCreatives + movie

The launch of AfroCreatives WikiProject +film marks the project’s beginning. The campaign intends to significantly improve Wikipedia’s coverage of the art and business of African film by enlisting the help of African film professionals, creatives, and lovers. (WikiProject AfroCreatives + movie call for applications)

Biographies of eminent African creatives and professionals from finance to pre- and post-production who work across the sector.
African studios, streaming services, accolades, competitions, festivals, guilds, and other organizations that are a part of the industry ecosystem
African films and television shows that have influenced the continent’s film history and are currently defining the industry
advancements in various technologies, like VR, AR, and animation for Africa.

Government regulations, incentives for film production, and initiatives for workforce development and training are all helping to advance the state of the African film industry.
The first focus of Afro Creatives WikiProject +film is on the film industries of Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal. In an effort to produce a record amount of submissions on the film industries of these four nations, it is commencing with a three-week edit-a-thon campaign.

Why take part in the WikiProject AfroCreatives + movie?

Your contributions will boost the amount of African-generated content on Wikipedia and the internet regarding the film industry on the continent.
You will contribute to raising public knowledge of the project, generating interest in it, and increasing the exposure of the African film industries in Rwanda, Egypt, Nigeria, and Senegal on Wikipedia and its sister projects.
You will contribute to the movie’s capacity-building.

Are you a new Wikipedia editor?
When you sign up to take part in the campaign, we strongly advise you to sign up for a quick 45-minute online training session if you are new to editing Wikipedia. The sessions will teach you the fundamental and necessary editing skills that will make it simple for you to take part in the campaign. The sessions will be guided by seasoned Wikipedians. The training session will be followed by a practice edit-a-thon session for individuals who desire some hands-on practice and assistance.

3:00 PM (GMT+2) in Egypt
Africa: 1:00 PM (WAT)
Rwanda: 3 p.m. (CAT)
Africa: 11:00 (GMT)

Campaign Laws

Before making any adjustments, each participant must register for a Wikipedia account and sign in.
Make sure you have a dashboard account for your nation so that the campaign can track your updates.
Every donation made as part of the campaign must adhere to or be connected to the campaign’s theme, African film, with a concentration on Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal in particular. Articles edited outside of this scope will not be counted.
Correcting errors, adding categories, references, wikilinking, and building stubs or articles should be the main focus of edits. Any additional improvements, such as those that include infoboxes, photos, or other content, are appreciated and may reward you with extra points.

One operation may be performed twice or more than once, and each additional edit to an article counts as one edit. One change, not two, is considered to have been made if, for instance, two different mistakes were fixed throughout the course of two revisions.
When an update is made to fix one made earlier by the same participant, no points are awarded.
Edits that have been reverted and replies to messages on talk pages do not count as edits.

Prizes and Awards
A series of national and international awards are being given out as part of the AfroCreatives WikiProject +film campaign in Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and Rwanda. Each participant in the campaign will be given a digital certificate from the Wikimedia Foundation, and they will all be qualified to add a campaign userbox to their user page.

Prize for Outstanding Contributor: $1,750 Each of the four participating nations’ most outstanding contributor will receive an Amazon Gift Card.
What we’re looking for: A high level of quantitative and qualitative contributions, including infoboxes, photos, audio pronunciations, Wikidata objects, and new articles and stubs as well as improvements to existing articles.

Prize for Outstanding Contributor Runner-Up: $1,250 Gift Card for Amazon
$1,000 Newcomer Award Prize The most outstanding new contributor will receive an Amazon gift card.
What we’re seeking for: Impressive level of contributions and competence with fundamental editing jobs including adding wiki links, fixing grammatical and spelling errors, adding categories, and generating stubs.

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