The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2022

deadline 30th April 2022

The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2022 is now accepting nominations to recognize and support outstanding contributions from around the world. Sustainable Aquaculture is the theme for 2022.
The City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, and various member organizations and enterprises fund the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, which is a non-profit organization.
In order to establish the correct balance between ecological, environmental, and social concerns, their purpose is to promote innovation and create lasting synergies.
Since 2000, the prize has been presented in Gothenburg.

The winner will receive SEK 50,000 at an award ceremony in Germany.

Deadline 30th April 2022

Today, food production accounts for approximately 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions and is the leading cause of biological variety loss, deforestation, and endangered fish stocks. The production of red meat, in particular, is a big concern that must be mitigated.
According to the United Nations, global food production would need to increase by 70% by 2050. Additionally, as people’s wages rise and their eating habits change, there will be a higher need for nutrient-dense foods. They need to look at the potential – and problems – that blue and green foods can give in order to solve the world’s future food supply.

Aquaculture, or the farming of aquatic animals and plants such as fish, clams, crabs, and algae, is required to meet the nutritional needs of the world’s fast growing population, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Aquaculture is already booming, and almost three billion people rely on fish for at least 20% of their daily diet, with several health and environmental benefits.
The FAO’s strategy plan for the years 2022-2031 aims to boost global aquaculture growth by 35-40% by 2030.

However, fish and shellfish farming is not always sustainable, and issues such as over-fertilization and soil damage must be addressed. Many aquaculture production methods are still being developed, which means there are plenty of opportunities to lead the business toward more sustainable production practices.
The jury of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Prize predicts potential award winners in 2022 in areas such as innovative seafood products and more sustainable animal feed and agricultural methods.


Any group, movement, corporation, or individual whose efforts have resulted in greater change and led to a more sustainable future.

You can now nominate a person or an organization whose aquaculture project could help to improve efficiency and sustainability, and thereby contribute to one or more of the United Nations’ global goals. The nominee/nominees will have effected change that inspires others and demonstrated what steps are required, as well as those that are feasible.

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