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She Entrepreneurs is a leadership program for extremely motivated women entrepreneurs in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey who are establishing successful and sustainable businesses with the potential to bring about a difference in their societies. Ten years ago that the program has been running, many successful entrepreneurs got support that helped them expand-SWEDISH INSTITUTE (SI) SHE ENTREPRENEURS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME 2022 FOR YOUNG EMERGING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS.

Application final date: February 3rd, 2022

She Entrepreneurs is a practical and hands-on leadership training based on real business experiences, co-operative learning and participant-centric design. The program provides tangible tools, awareness plus connections for registrants who seek to grow their own businesses and also develop as entrepreneurs.

The program operates over six months online with workshops and constant support.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and want to become part of a strong network of fellow minded women who can support and inspire you on your journey- the She Entrepreneurs is suitable for you.


You are welcome to submit your application if you are a woman entrepreneur between the age of 22 – 45 (born 1976-2000) with a business that:

Must be able to develop a financially sustainable business model, that will generate a positive social impact, plus also cover Sustainable Development Goals

Is based in Algeria, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey or Tunisia, Jordan. Lebanon.

Is already operational and ready to expand

In addition, you should:

Be willing to pay it forward by contributing at least 2 hours of pro bono mentorship to a junior entrepreneur in your home country during the programme

Have a proficient command of both written and spoken English.


Costs covered and arranged by Swedish Institute

Training and content

The opportunity to plan and strategies for your business in an inspiring and collaborative learning environment.

knowledge to be acquired on topics like business development, business innovation, communication, crisis management, growing and adding on partnerships, finance plus funding.

Regular assistance through sessions with expert mentors on a personal level.

New perspective on responsible and sustainable business practice from a social and an environmental perspective, as well as tangible tools for measuring your value creation.

A strong and active community of like minded women.

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Programme timeline

She Entrepreneurs operates for six months (April- September 2022) and consists of regular workshops, learning groups and mentor support online.

Online training

The training is set up with a highly practical approach that allows applying learnings and insights directly to your business.

Regular online workshops are organized on different topics that help you grow your turnover and operations, build a resilient leadership and team, and accelerate your social or environmental contribution. The workshops are spear headed by experienced entrepreneurs and trainers. Joint workshops and smaller learning groups give various opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs in similar situations and to create new connections.

The training starts off with a one-hour introduction meeting, followed by two half-day sessions (21-23 April). The seminars that are next are typically held every second week during 1.5- 2 hours on Friday mornings, plus 1 hour of individual preparations.

Online mentorship

In the initial stages of the programme, you will be matched with an individual mentor that will aid you throughout this programme. You can as well sign up for optional group mentoring sessions with thematic experts on topics that are requested among the participants.

The dates below and timings are preliminary and subject to change. Meanwhile an exact programme will be communicated at the start of this programme.

How to apply

1. Apply DATE: 11 JAN 2021-3 FEB 2021

2. Evaluation of applications DATE: 4 FEB 2021-23FEB 2021

3. Interviews DATE: 7 MAR 2021-18 MAR 2021

Admission DATE: 24 MAR 2021

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