The World Health Organization (WHO) Health For All Film Festival For Independent Filmmakers

deadline: Jan 30, 2022

The aim of this festival is to contribute health promotion and education about health. This is because films are a powerful way in which awareness can be raised and understanding can be improved as well as encouraging action. The World Health Organization (WHO) Health For All Film Festival For Independent Filmmakers
This festival is intended for independent filmmakers, production companies, public institutions, NGOs, communities, students and also film schools across the globe. Participants are required to submit their original short films on health. The WHO through this Health For All Film Festival seeks to recruit a new generation of film and video innovators to champion and promote health issues.
For those who intend to participate, below are the general terms of participation in this festival;

  • Submit only one video to the film festival through the online platform on FilmFreeway at free of charge.
  • Submissions started taking place from October 28, 2021 and will end on January 30, 2022.
  • Eligible videos must be created between January 1, 2019 to January 30, 2022.
  • The video contents must address health issues experienced by an individual or local, national or international group of people. World health Organisations’s constitution, states that health is a state of complete mental, physical plus social well-being plus not only the absence of disease or infirmity. The video content can as well as address or include social or environmental health determinants.

One of the three categories outlined below should be met by you video submitted
Video Categories
The main categories of this competition for the third Health For All Film Festival must be aligned with WHO’s main global goal for public health. When submitting the short film, the owner of the video who also owns the copyright should choose a category of the competition explained below. Candidates can submit documentaries, animations or fiction films with a duration of three to eight minutes.
Category 1: Universal Health Coverage – films must be about mental health cases, noncommunicable diseases together with other UHC stories that are connected to communicable diseases which are not really part of emergencies.
Category 2: Health emergencies – are films which are about health emergencies. For example, COVID-19, Ebola, disaster relief and health in war-zone areas.
Category 3: Better health and well-being – are films that are about the environmental and social health determinants which include nutrition, sanitation, pollution, gender and/or health promotion/education.

  • Rough-cuts will not be allowed and that means that only videos regarded as final edited product will be allowed
  • Submitted video does not need to be an already distributed material to be allowed
  • If the submission is not in English, English subtitles must be included. This means that videos can be in any language
  • All video submissions must be in horizontal format of a full HD le (1920 X 1080 pixels) compressed with MP4 codec, data-rate of 10mb/s. For a video produced in square or vertical formats, it should be inserted in the horizontal full HD format as described with black bands on left and right sides.

WHO will not take responsibility for lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete videos that cannot be delivered or entered for any technical or other reasons. It is important to understand that proof of delivery of the entry cannot be used as proof of receipt of the videos.
The Festival Prizes
The prize will be constituted of a trophy and a grant as follows
Each GRAND PRIX for each category will receive a grant of $10,000.
Juries can nominate special prizes for the short-listed videos that are not receiving a GRAND PRIX. The director general can select up to three special prizes from each pool. There will also be a special prize per candidate.
There also be a 2-1 STUDENT PRIZE. This means that for videos produced by students who are adults in their country and enrolled in formal education will receive this prize.
For more information about The World Health Organization (WHO) Health For All Film Festival For Independent Filmmakers and the application procedure, please click here 


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