World Innovation Summit for Education – WISE Awards 2022

deadline of January 17, 2022

Every year, the World Innovation Summit for Education – WISE Awards 2022 organizes awards that recognize and promote 6 successful plus innovative projects these are usually aimed at addressing worldwide educational challenges. Currently, the applications for World Innovation Summit for Education – WISE Awards 2022 are now open to applicants form across the world.

WISE has received more than 3,000 applications from over 150 countries since its inception in 2009 and so far, 78 projects have been awarded from a wide variety of sectors including locations for their innovations, positive contribution and ability to adapt and scale. The chosen projects represent a growing resource of expertise and sound educational practice.

WISE aims to build a community of innovators in education who offer a very rich environment for strong collaborations. The WISE award’s today comprise of projects that bring positive change to societies and communities.

Prizes Included

Projects that stand out are supported by WISE through a variety of channels that include;

Money: This means that any selected project will receive US $20,000

WISE communications: Regarding this, Outstanding projects will be featured on the WISE website which will enable demonstration plus sharing with the WISE community via social media.

Multimedia productions: Documentaries and videos are specifically made and produced to showcase the work of the winning projects.

WISE books: WISE awards finalists plus winning projects have been featured in the WISE books which include changes that are current and solutions to education in the twenty first century.

The Global Summit: Award-winning projects’ representatives are given the opportunity to present and discuss their work at a dedicated session during the Global Biennial Summit in Doha, Qatar or WISE regional Summits. Project representatives are chanced with an opportunity to actively participate in worldwide events that are organized together with WISE.

Other WISE program support: Representatives from former winning projects get involved in other WISE projects through mentorship, participating in the selection processes and, fellowship programs.

Who is eligible?

For project owners to participate, they must meet the following requirements listed below

  • Have an ongoing or existing education projects that are run by any type of organization which include schools’ consortia, colleges, universities, academic networks, community organizations, and civil society, private companies and governments, international institutions within in the area of education are all welcome to nominate or apply.
  • Projects can also belong to any education sector such as pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, higher education, vocational training, special needs education, informal learning and long-distance and life-long learning.
  • And lastly, projects from any part of the world can also apply or be nominated for the WISE Awards.

Criteria for the application

The World Innovation Summit for Education awards recognizes educational projects that are innovative and have already been demonstrated as having a transformative effect on individuals and communities. The best-suited project would be one which is ongoing, innovative and having an impact on education initiative which;

  • already have and excellent record of proven success
  • is sustainable financially
  • has a clear layout indicating the projects future objects and future development
  • can be scalable
  • can be copied and applied in other contexts and regions of the world
  • has a clear understanding and knowledge of its;
  • innovative nature
  • distinctiveness within its action and the type of its impact on the beneficiaries

Application process

In order for your project to win the award, you must apply for the opportunity to participate or a project must first be nominated. You can apply for the award on behalf of your own project or nominate another project. For the application or nomination to be eligible, the submission should;

  • be entered into the official form on the online system (Curriculum Vitae or other forms of documents will not be considered)
  • be complete and accurate
  • be written and submitted in English
  • be submitted online by the official deadline of January 17, 2022
  • In the case of an application, the form must include the contact details of the two supporters such as the former donors, local government, NGOs etc.

After going through the requirements and you are sure your project meets them, you can click here to proceed with your application.


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