Startupper Challenge of the Year by TotalEnergies

Deadline : December 23, 2021

Startupper Challenge of the Year by TotalEnergies

You are invited to apply for the Startupper Challenge of the Year by TotalEnergies, Become the startupper of the year by applying for this African Opportunity

Do you have an idea or project in mind: Apply for the “Business Creation project” Category.

If you already have a company registered that is less than 3 years ago. Apply for the “startup Under 3 years”, Category.

Deadline : December 23, 2021


3 prizes will be given out or awarded in each country to:

  • The best Business creation Project
  • The best startup under 3 years old
  • The best female entrepreneur

The winning best Female entrepreneur will be able to receive a maximu of 2 prizes: first of all a prize in one of her categories and another a prize for the best female enetrepreneur. The Prizes and winning will be determined according to her personality and backgound.


Click the here to apply to a given category

The startupper challenge is back for the 3rd edition featuring ini 32 African countries. Its number one goal is to support young African entrepreneurs within the ages of 18 – 35 years of age.


All young innovative startups that have a positive impact on the communities can participate. As long as you are a pioneer with a project or start up and it can make a difference in your country? Apply Now.



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