The applications for the 2022/2023 Society Solutions Program

Deadline: 27th October 2021

The applications for the 2022/2023 Society Solutions Program are to start from 15th September to 27th October 2021

The Society Solutions Program is a leadership development program for people who are aiming at improving their societies by addressing problems concerning the environment, transparency and accountability, women, and gender. Society leaders will be selected to take part of the program that involves:

  • Four-month Fellowship in the USA: Community Solutions fellows are matched with host organizations throughout the USA where they complete a four-month, hands-on professional experience
  • Society Leadership Institute: Society Solutions fellows participate in the Community Leadership Institute, a leadership training program designed to enhance their leadership and management skills. Society-based initiatives: While in the U.S. and with the support of their USA host organization, Society Solutions fellows design and plan a society development initiative or project to carry out after they return home. Once the fellows leave the USA, they put these projects into action in their home societies


Application Steps

The application for the 2022/2023 Society Solutions Program will start on 15th September, 2021. Please check the program requirements before starting an application to ensure that you are eligible. No preferences will be made and the eligibility requirements are determined by the USA Department of State. Please e-mail for more information.

 Financial Support

Most expenses are covered such as;

  • J-1 visa
  • To and fro travel from participants’ home to USA.
  • Monthly allowance to cover accommodation, meals, and other living expenses while in USA
  • Accident and health insurance



  • Should be between of 25 and 39 years of age by 2022
  • Not currently taking part of an academic, training in the USA.
  • English proficiency
  • Should not be a citizen or permanent resident of USA.
  •  Must be a citizen of one of the countries listed
  • You are living and working in your home nation
  • At least two years of experience working on society development permanent residency within the past three years
  • Eligible to receive a USA visa.
  • You are committed to returning to your home nation
  • Not a current IREX employee  or their close family member


  • Africa: Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe


COVID 19: IREX intends to implement the Society Solutions Program in-person in the USA from August to December 2022 if public health concerns abate. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will adjust program implementation accordingly. Ensuring the safety of participants, partners, and society is the priority.


Visit  IREX  Society Solutions Program to apply or For more Information


Apply for The applications for the 2022/2023 Society Solutions Program





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