Local Community Women Entrepreneurship Program 2021

Deadline: September 6, 2021



Applications are available for the WIPO Indigenous and Local Community Women Entrepreneurship Program 2021. The program aims at encouraging women entrepreneurship, creativity & innovation related to traditional knowledge and cultural expressions by empowering the capacity of indigenous and local women entrepreneurs to make planned and effective use of all copyright tools in support of all their entrepreneurial activities.

Deadline: September 6, 2021

The program has a practical approach, comprising of two phases;

Training phase: The training phase comprises of a practical workshop that includes a mixture of short presentations, case studies and group work. In the due course of the training phase, participants attain basic knowledge of the main principles, systems and tools of the intellectual property system as they relate to traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions. The practical workshop also offers the opportunity for participants to network and share experiences with other indigenous and local community women entrepreneurs from around the world to further develop their project and businesses.

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Mentoring and matchmaking phase: During the mentoring and matchmaking phase, participants are expected to put into action the copyright components of their projects and businesses. Mentors are assigned to individual participants to provide guidance and support in the implementation of the intellectual property components of the participant’s’ projects and businesses. As required, WIPO facilitates extra assistance through its program partners who bring deep and valuable experiences to the table.


The program offers the participants the opportunity to:

Establish capacity in copyright and attain the skills basic for an effective use of the intellectual property system, including in the digital economy

Attain basic knowledge of related fields useful in an entrepreneurial context, such as business modeling, marketing and digital storytelling

Profit from the support of a mentor to further develop and put into action projects and businesses based on traditional knowledge and/or traditional cultural expressions that have an intellectual property component, and

Meet amongst Program participants, share and learn from each other’s experiences, but also meet potential partners who can offer support with the implementation of the intellectual property components of their projects and businesses.


  • Women entrepreneurs from indigenous peoples and local communities, such as artists, designs, performing artists, researchers, healers, or small-scale farmers, who are planning or have already started a project or business based on traditional knowledge and/or traditional cultural expressions with an copyright component, are fostered to apply.
  • WIPO will choose up to 25 participants. Provided that enough number of applications are received, every effort will be made to choose at least two participants from each of the seven geo-cultural regions identified by the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, namely: Africa, Central Asia, and Transcaucasia, North America Arctic, Asia, Central, South-America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, and the Pacific regions.
  • Applications from young indigenous and local community women entrepreneurs are strongly fostered.


Candidates should submit a duly filed application form by September 6, 2021.


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