The Nedbank External Bursary Programme

Deadline : 31/08/21

The Nedbank External Bursary Programme focuses on funding academically worthy students who do not have the financial resources to attend lectures fulltime towards their first undergraduate degree or diploma at a South African public university or university of technology. The goal of the bursary programme is to address South Africa’s scarce-skills shortages, with a particular concentration on green economy skills.

Briefly, green economy promotes continuos and advancing economic, environmental and social well being. Green economy skills are those areas of study that concentrate on bettering human well being and social equity, while also remarkably reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. Green economy skills include the increasing energy and materials efficiency, amplifying our natural capital and reducing of carbon emissions and pollution.

Deadline : 31/08/21


  1. You must possess a demostrated financial need, as determined by household income.
  2. Nedbank will only consider applications from South African citizens.
  3. You must have acquired the minimum academic results as follows:

3.1 An average of 65 percent for the needed subjects lined up to the degree you intend to study at university.

3.2 An average of 65 percent in the year that you are applying for the bursary, i.e in grade 12 or at university level.

3.3 You must have aquired admission to a South African public university or universtity of technology for the undergraduate qualification you intend to study.

We will not consider applicants who finished their grade 12 or senior certificate with Mathematics Literacy.

Supporting documents needed for your application

  1. Your most recent academic transcript, e.g:

1.1 Grade 11 final results, as well as your mid year results if you are in grade 12 currently.

1.2 Grade 12 final results as well as your mid-year results if you are presently in your first year at university.

1.3 Your last academic year results as well as your current mid-year results if you are presently in your 2nd or 3rd year at university.

  1. A certified copy of your South African identity card or document.
  2. The financial checks affidavit has to be signed by:

3.1 Your parent(s) or guardian(s);

3.2 You, the bursary applicant.


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You can Download the affidavit here, finish it, ensure that it is signed by all the parties above and add it to your application.

For help, contact the Nedbank Bursary Team:

You can also Click to APPLY

For more details:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Nedbank External Bursary Programme 2021





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