The UN Capital Development Fund Agritech Challenge 2021

Deadline: 30/08/21

The Programme invites all applications from start-ups with the best solutions that are addressing at least one of the 3 mentioned challenges & are interested to pilot their solution in one of the 7 participating countries.

Deadline: 30/08/21

The UN Capital Development Fund, in collaboration with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog ( Govt. of India); Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rabo Foundation, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and Bayer, are starting an innovation platform that will allow exchange of investments, insights and innovations acrossborders. (The UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Agritech Challenge 2021 for Agritech and Agri fintech Startups mostly for low income earners)

The first initiative of the platform is the Agritech Challenge (programme), with a concentration on upgrading financial health of smallholder farmers. In order to enlarge international markets, across Uganda, Zambia in Africa, Kenya, Malawi Malaysia, India and Indonesia in Asia the programme will support agritech and agri-fintech startups.

The chosen participants will get access to industry, investor and market linkages, along with mentorship from sector experts to assist them in building and testing their solution in their chosen international market, with successive support on scaling the solution as well.

Qualification Sectors for The UN Capital Development Fund Agritech Challenge 2021

An Important common challenge for smallholder farmers is to work on their individual and household financial health, this enables them to have better or the best financial security, control & lastly, freedom. The following are the key challenges that have been identified for smallholder farmers:

  1. Low Productivity – Access to new technology and innovations
  2. Climate Risk – Resilience against climate change and natural hazards
  3. Inefficient Supply Chains – Reduce wastage and enhance market & pricing transparency

Benefits of Participants

Sector Intuitions: Mentoring and support from a network of country and ecosystem partners around sector intuitions and local market connections.

Markets Access: Connections with local innovators, market partners or industry to assist in co-creating and pilot solution in the selected market

Investor Display: Opportunity to associate and showcase business to an investor network and raise capital to support the scale up

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Expansion Guidance: Guidance from innovations hubs and experts on solution framework and regulatory and compliance landscape.

Continued Support

Post-program support to expand the solution

Opportunity to be thought about for financial grant

Are you a small scale farmer or more APPLY

For more details: Visit the Official Webpage of the UNCDF Agritech Challenge 2021




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