Young Journalist Award

The competition will close on 10/09/21.

We are thrilled to announce the return of the reputable Thompson Foundation Young Journalist, their work and their voices are at the centre, and where journalism’s power to approve meaningful change is as current as ever. (Young Journalist Award)

The competition will close on 10/09/21.

The young Journalist Award in collaboration with the UK Foreign Press Association is Thompson Foundation’s annual journalism competition dedicated to finding and motivating determined journalists from over the world.

At present in it’s 9th year, the award allows journalists aged 30 years and below,  from countries with a Gross National Income per capita of below $20,000, to send in their best stories.

Judges of the award look for stories that are significant, prompt public debate and have led to or have the possibility of leading to, positive change in society.

An environment twist on this year’s award

In the year of COP26, the vital UN climate change conference, it is appropriate that we should establish an environmental component to our 2021 Young Journalist Award. Applicants will still be needed to submit a portfolio of 3 stories which can be a combination of investigative pieces and human interest stories. However, we will be asking all beginners to make sure at least ONE of the three pieces submitted has an environmental focus. More information here.

Three finalists will be give £1,000 learning bursaries or money to buy journalism equipment. An additional fund of  £1,000 bursary will be gifetd to the journalist with the best winning environmental story. Winners will be decided and  announcements will be made in the night of the FPA Awards that will take place in London on the 29 November 2021.

Find the application form here.

To get more information about the Young Journalist Award cicke here

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