SheDecides Youth Accountability Panel

Deadline : 22/07/21

SheDecides is a worldwide political movement that drives change, powered by actions within communities, and with the youth at its heart. (Join the SheDecides Youth Accountability Panel (Fully-funded) by Applying) The SheDecides movement is igniting energy and bringing people together- crashing barriers and promoting cooperation among long time activists and rising leaders, politicians and academics, policy makers and young leaders, artists and service providers within and across countries and regions.

Deadline : 22/07/21

Youths are central to co-inventing and leading the movement and as part of this commitment to rise up and speak out, we are thrilled to challenge the traditional ways of thinking and to interrupt the power structures that for too long have stopped youths from holding positions of power.

We must invest in youth leadership and tackle the collective power and agency of young people in order for the above happen. As a movement ,we are thrilled to announce the creation of a brave space for youth led accountability.

This new Youth Accountability Panel is fully youth-led and as a independent accountability structure it will do the following:

  • Analyse proposals relating to youth engagement and present young people that could serve as SheDesides Worldwide Champions.
  • Avail leadership and input into SheDecides strategy documents.
  • Give strategic guidance and direct the SheDecides Support Unit on ways to strengthen engagement and support for Youths within the movement.
  • Hold the SheDecides movement give reasons for applying the SheDecides Youth Engagement Strategy.
  • Strengthen cooperation with youth activists and networks.
  • Develop inventive ideas to louden young voices and youth demands both inside and outside the SheDecides movement.

The movement is looking for 9 members between 16 to 28 years of age to be the leaders of the SheDecides Youth Accountability Panel for the next 2 years.

Youth Accountability Panel members will hold their role for two years and will get $1000 per year in appreciation of their contribution and dedication to attend 5 meetings per year and a time investment of 8-10 hours each month to the collaborative work of the Youth Accountability Panel.


Are you 16 to 28 years of age?

Are you ready to dedicate 8 to 10 hours of your time each month to strengthen Youth Accountability at SheDecides?

Are you thrilled about working with other Youth Leaders to improve meaningful youth engagement at SheDecides?

Are you passionate about Sexual Rights and Youth Leadership?

Apply Please!!

This Application Form comprises of four Parts:

  1. Values Questionnaire- 12 questions to get to know you and your positions on different issues.
  2. Personal Information- Contact information so that we can reach out to you.
  3. Video or Essay Upload- A link where you can upload your 2 minute Video or 500 Word Essay supporting your application to join the SheDecides Youth Accountability Panel.
  4. Additional Questions

More details in the sections below.

You are reminded that this Application Form will close on Thursday 22/07/21.

You can acquire application forms on request contact

Good Luck with your Application!!!  You can Apply HERE






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