Access Bank Womenpreneur Pitch a ton Africa

Deadline: 13/August/21

AppIications for the Access Bank Womenpreneur Pitch a ton Africa 2021 for African Female Entrepreneurs are now open. The Womenpreneur Pitch a ton Africa program is designed with an intention of giving female owned businesses over Africa an opportunity to acquire world cass business trainings, mentoring opportunities plus finance. This program has been planned to create an enabling environment for female entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

Deadline: 13/August/21

Established in 2019, the above program was the first women-in-business support initiative of its kind in the industry put forward by the Access Bank W Initiative. The program in its early stages provided financial grants or cash money worth N9Million to the best five applicants with a free mini MBA certification for 50 women entrepreneurs in Nigeria. This, it did together with the InternationaI Finance Corporation , a member of the WorId Bank Group.

The program is being expanded to 8 other African countries this year where Access Bank’s W initiative has its existence. The following are the countries: Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Gambia hence the tag name Womenpreneur Pitch-A-Ton Africa.


You have an opportunity to win N5 million and a mini MBA.


The age range is between 18-45years.

Open to female entrepreneurs who meet the standards of having an existing business for not Iess than 50 percent femaIe ownership.

Business may be in any of the countries beIow: Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Ghana, Rwanda, Congo, Gambia, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya.


Independent business experts will review and screen every online application to 500 candidates who will be required to send a sixty second video pitch for the chance to be chosen as part of the final top 100 candidates who will benefit from an absolute and certified Mini-MBA and grant prizes.

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For more information about Access Bank Womenpreneur Pitch a ton Africa 2021, visit Acess Bank.




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