Young African Climate Changemakers Challenge 2024

Unlock your impact with the Young African Climate Changemakers Challenge 

Deadline: July 30, 2024 | Young African Climate Changemakers Challenge 2024

Ready to lead the charge for a greener future? Ashoka’s ‘Young African Climate Changemakers Challenge‘ in collaboration with the Anglo-American Foundation is calling on young people aged 16 – 25 across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana to unleash their agency and innovation in tackling climate change through ideas and existing initiatives. Join us in shaping a more sustainable world and making a lasting impact on our planet’s future!

Who are we looking for?

  1. Spearheading ideas and innovations that address climate change:
    We’re seeking ideas and innovations that are aimed at climate change mitigation and adaptation. Thus, driving forward youth agency and the agenda of a sustainable world.
  2. Building on existing climate change solutions and indigenous climate knowledge systems We’re seeking ideas and innovations that aim to enhance and support established and existing climate solutions and/or integrate indigenous climate knowledge – by increasing their effectiveness, visibility and impact, moving us closer to a sustainable future that incorporates more culturally sensitive approaches to climate change.
  3. Increasing access to climate literacy at all socio-economic levels: We’re seeking ideas and innovations that foster broader understanding and engagement surrounding climate change. By ensuring that people from all backgrounds have access to critical climate knowledge and bringing more people into the climate change conversation, this may result in more diverse involvement towards sustainable solutions and encourage agency within communities.

All eligible applicants will receive: 

  • Ashoka & Anglo American Foundation networks feedback on their entries.
  • Optional peer feedback via the Challenge online platform, including the opportunity to view, review, and connect with other YACC Challenge applicants.
  • Access to information and learning sessions.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, and experts in the field.
  • Access to online resources on changemaking and social entrepreneurship.


Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria:  

Participants Age

Applicants must be between 16 – 25 years old at the time of application, and not older than 25 by the end of the entry period on 30 July 2024 at 11:59 p.m. SAST.  


Applicants must be a resident of one of the following 4 Southern African countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia.


Entries will only be accepted in English (Challenge communication & content will be delivered in English).


Limit one entry per person/team.

Primary country of impact must be one or more of the four countries: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia or Botswana.

Applicants must be the founder or co-founder of the initiative their application represents. 

Applications must be: 
  • Idea-stage initiative (participant has an idea on how to solve a problem they have identified and has a plan of action) or,  
  • An existing initiative that is being implemented at any stage of development (participant has proof of concept by having piloted and done first few activities/ has established activities / is scaling).

Winners under 18 must be accompanied by one adult chaperone to the in-person event and must be approved by their parent or legal guardian. 


Apply here:

For More Information about Young African Climate Changemakers Challenge 2024, visit the Changemakers official website


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