The Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship 2024 is Fully Funded to Geneva by UNODA

Applications are now open for the 2024 Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship. Organized by the United Nations Office for Disarmament AffairsUNODA in Geneva in partnership with key international actors empowering youth in science diplomacy and global biosecurity, the Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship provides a unique learning and networking experience into multilateral discussions taking place in the framework of the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva.

Application Deadline:  5 April 2024 | The Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship 2024

Launched in 2019 as a Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop, the Youth for Biosecurity Initiative organized its first fellowship in 2023. For the second edition, the fellowship will provide the opportunity for 20 young scientists from the Global South to join an online interactive training programme prior to a field visit during the meeting of the BWC Working Group on the Strengthening of the Convention in Geneva.

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Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply, prospective fellows must:

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. The selection process will be guided by the need to ensure the highest quality of participants while maintaining a gender and regional balance.

The Fellowship aims at allowing young biosecurity leaders from the Global South to:

  • Learn & lead -> deepen your expertise in biosecurity and disarmament to build leadership skills
  • Think & act -> engage in discussions with senior experts and make your voice heard in the margins of multilateral disarmament meetings
  • Engage with community -> connect with young experts, join an international youth network and enjoy a space for dialogue between young scientists and BWC practitioners including diplomats and experts.

Application Procedure:

Once selected, we will get the ball rolling really quickly – make sure you know what you will be jumping into.

Take a look at the fellows’ expected commitment, workshop and field visit dates prior to filling out your online application. The fellows are responsible for obtaining the relevant authorizations from their employer or universities.

Complete your application form.

Make sure you have the following documents ready to attach to your application [in PDF format]:

  1. A brief curriculum vitae (1-3 pages)
  2. A recommendation letter from someone who can attest your qualifications*
  3. A copy of your passport [pdf, jpeg or png]
The Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship is a selective programme. 

The UN Office for Disarmament Affairs establishes a shortlist of candidates based on eligibility criteria, geographical and gender balance. An international jury then examines all shortlisted applications. Selection criteria are related to the demonstrated interest and experience in biosecurity, biosafety, youth advocacy and/or disarmament and non-proliferation.

Candidates will be informed of the result by email about one month after the application’s deadline.

Successful candidate will have one week to confirm interest and availability to join the Fellowship.

For More Information about The Youth for Biosecurity Fellowship 2024 fully Funded to Geneva, Visit UNODA’s Official website


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