Feminist Women Groups Cash Grant: Mama Cash Resilience Fund for Women 2024

Mama Cash is currently accepting Letters of Interest (LOIs) from applicants who are not current grantee-partners from 19 February until 17 March 2024 closing at 11:59pm CET. | Feminist Women Groups Cash Grant: Mama Cash Resilience Fund for Women 2024

In every corner of the world, courageous feminist activists are working together to build collective power, claim justice, and create, sustain, and revive ways of living that are just and fair. The Resilience Fund – our largest grantmaking programme – aims to resource, support and connect the collective activism of women, girls, and trans and intersex people around the world.

The Resilience Fund supports feminist groups, collectives and initiatives that are founded, led, and/or run by people who belong to the communities whose rights they seek to advance. They are working to advance their own political and social agendas, to build connections across issues and borders, and to strengthen feminist and other social justice movements. 

Unrestricted funding and longer-term support are crucial for enabling groups to organise, and to take advantage of or respond effectively to important opportunities and changes in their contexts. That is why the Resilience Fund provides long-term, flexible, core support grants. First-time annual grants are made with the intention of renewing them for multiple years, and Mama Cash typically supports partners for up to ten years.

The Resilience Fund gives priority to smaller and emerging groups that are doing critically important work  but have limited access to funding. In addition to funding registered, formal organisations, we are open to funding informal or unregistered groups of activists, as well as networks or coalitions. The average grant size under the Resilience Fund is €35,000

Eligibility Criteria

  • Work from a feminist, women’s, girls, trans rights and/or intersex rights perspective
  • Self-led by the women, girls, trans people and/or intersex people they serve
  • Promotion of women’s, girls’, trans people’s and/or intersex people’s human rights as primary mission
  • Push for structural and fundamental change
  • Focus on issues that are under-addressed and/or contested

Value of grant

€5,000 – €50,000 per year, average grant size €35,000


To Apply and for more information, visit the Official website for the Feminist Women Groups Cash Grant: Mama Cash Resilience Fund for Women 2024.

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