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HISA – Public Policy Research Institute hosts and organizes policy consultations, roundtable workshops, conferences and acts as a liaison between Governments and other stakeholders to implement Agenda 2030 and achieve Sustainable Development Goals via attaining policy reforms.

The HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 ensures a comprehensive learning experience with engaging workshops and interactive sessions, providing participants with a profound understanding of effective strategies for civic engagement and community involvement. It focuses on empowering individuals by offering insights into the future of education and essential success skills. The conference places a strong emphasis on leadership development, guiding participants to hone their skills, gain valuable insights into effective leadership styles, and learn techniques to inspire and motivate others toward shared goals. With meticulous design to foster cross-cultural collaboration, enhance effective communication, and establish a global network, the conference aims to cultivate a community of passionate individuals committed to creating positive change.

The HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 aims to empower youth with the knowledge and skills to actively engage in civic life. Along with encouraging dialogue on community development, social justice, and the impact of civic participation. Participants will also explore the evolving landscape of education and its role in shaping the future and innovative learning approaches required for success in the 21st century. HYD 2024 will emphasize on creating an environment to inspire and cultivate a new generation of effective and empathetic youth leaders. Raising awareness about environmental challenges and the importance of sustainable practices will be a component of HYD 2024 as well.

Also, we are offering 15 Fully Funded & 50 Partial Funded slots to Applicants to attend HISA Youth Dialogue 2024.

We would love to share this tremendous opportunity so that you can share it forward with your audience to avail this amazing chance to elevate their voice in Hungary. 

For more information and to Apply Visit Hisa Youth Dialogue official website


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