The Young African Feminist Fund (GRant Euros 3,000)

The Young African Feminist Fund (Grant Euros 3000). As a feminist fund, AHRN’s goal is to uplift and empower individual activists and grassroots organizations from underrepresented groups, with a focus on women and indigenous people. By offering tools and assistance for defending their rights and well-being, we hope to have a lasting and fair influence. Funding initiatives spearheaded by young feminist women that support clean energy, natural resource conservation, sexual and reproductive health education, and sustainable development are given top priority. We also give top priority to education and awareness initiatives that emphasize the value of environmental stewardship and the consequences of human actions on the environment.

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Deadline: 31st December 2024

Our goal is to establish an equitable future, a healthy environment, sexual and reproductive health, and education for all people. Our three main goals are to empower and support young feminist movements throughout Africa, to create a vibrant community of young activists, and to provide guidance to other young activists, such as environmental and land rights defenders, in order to accomplish this.

Our financing strategy is centred on grassroots feminist groups that support and are led by underrepresented groups of people. Organizations that deal with the unique needs and difficulties these communities experience are given priority. We collaborate with the groups we assist by offering advice, criticism, and encouragement towards their own objectives and goals. In order to continuously improve our funding procedures and rules, we actively seek out criticism and comments.

Please be aware that projects focused on environmental conservation and climate justice are the only ones for which financing is currently available.

Benefits for The Young African Feminist Fund

The fund has a maximum of three thousand euros.


  • A feminist movement /group/ organization both registered or unregistered
  • Alignment with the Fund’s Mission
  • Innovative approach that shows impact and sustainability
  • Capacity building needs with potential for collaboration

For more Information about The Young African Feminist Fund (Grant Euros 3000), Visit African Human Rights Network official Webiste

Please submit your completed form to the following addresses: and Download Form Here

The Young African Feminist Fund (Grant Euros 3000)


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