Guaranteed Freshman Scholarships at MTSU

Based on ACT results and GPA, MTSU offers a variety of academic merit scholarship possibilities.

To be eligible for the prizes, prospective students must visit the Admissions website at and start the enrolling process. The newly given scholarships cannot be enhanced after they are granted, nor can they be stacked with previously granted guaranteed scholarships. The small print, renewal criteria, and ACT/SAT equivalent scores are listed here.

Academically qualified freshmen who apply to MTSU for Fall 2024 before August 1st will be eligible for the following scholarships, which are available to students who missed the December 1st deadline for Freshman Guaranteed Scholarships.

  Scholarship ACT GPA Amt/Yr
         Century Scholarship 34 – 36 ACT 3.5 $6,000/year
         Lightning Scholarship 30 – 33 ACT 3.5 $3,000/year
         Blue Raider Scholarship 25 – 29 ACT 3.5 $2,500/year
         Future Alumni Scholarship 22 -24 ACT 3.5 $1,500/year


To be considered for a Freshman Guaranteed Scholarships, students must meet the following requirements: 

(ALL of the following information must be on file with the Admissions Office postmarked by December 1st to be considered for a scholarship in the chart above.)

  • Application for admission as a new Incoming Freshman
  • Admissions Application fee paid or completed and qualified for fee waiver
  • Official ACT and/or SAT test score (without the writing subscore)
    • Students must have an official ACT/SAT test score on file by December 1st and be admitted to MTSU to be reconsidered for a scholarship award or upgrade due to a higher December test score.
  • Official sixth-semester high school transcript with cumulative GPA requirement (transcript must reflect GPA through end of junior year).
    • MTSU will consider the seventh-semester high school transcript (through end of the 1st semester of Senior year) if the transcript is on file as of December 1st
  • Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be a first-time incoming freshman who plans to enroll at MTSU in the Summer or Fall semester

For more information visit Guaranteed Freshman Scholarships at MTSU official Website


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