Deadline: January 202 2024. | The Fellowship Programme at OMLA | ONE MILLION LEADERS AFRICA FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM OMLA (funding available)

Young African talents that receive an OMLA Fellowship are annually recruited by OMLA. They undergo a two-month programme that covers topics including social entrepreneurship, sustainability, leadership, and social innovation.

Each fellow supervises and trains fifty other young people (called Stars) who want to start humanitarian projects in their areas after completing their training.

In turn, the Stars will instruct other youth (Starlets).

Over the course of their one-year fellowship, the OMLA Fellows, Stars, and Starlets will oversee community projects.

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Following the fellowship, they will join One Million Leaders Africa’s support network, the OMLA Alumni group.

How everything began

  • 200 young Africans from 30 countries came together at the 2020 Next Leaders Africa Summit to create a vision for Africa.
  • an idea of a sustainable, green, circular, poverty- and food-insecure-free Africa. with everyone having easy access to health care, work, education, and economic possibilities.
    An Africa where all people can prosper, regardless of gender, religion, or race, is one in peace and harmony.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Be under 40 years of age
  • Based in africa
  • Fluent in Englishe
  • Have a reliable fast internet connection
  • Able to travel


  • OMLA Fellows are selected each year. Each OMLA Fellow receives a monthly stipend to cover cost s of internet and other expenses
  • Monthly running costs and grants to run community projects will be made available. Meanwhile, at the
  • end of the fellowship year, a cash prize for professional development support shall be awarded to fellows
  • Upon the successful completion of the fellowship year.

For More Informatin About THE One Million Leaders Africa fellowship, VISIT OMLA Website


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