Crisis Grant: Application Process

Crisis Grant: Application Process

What is a Crisis Grant?

A crisis grant is a one-time payment intended to assist people and families that have experienced an unanticipated emergency or disaster and are now experiencing financial difficulties. This can apply to circumstances like:

  • Income loss: as a result of a disability, illness, or job loss
  • Natural catastrophes: like earthquakes, fires, or floods
  • Abuse or violence in the home
  • Unexpected hospital costs
  • Housing loss

What a Crisis Grant can be used for

A Crisis Grant is available to help with emergency expenses.

Some instances of this might be if:

  • Help is needed with food shopping and heating expenses.
  • a fire or flood occurs at home; you lose money; an unforeseen crisis arises; you are a victim of domestic abuse and require assistance in leaving the abuser; you are a grandmother or other relative who has assumed responsibility for a child and are awaiting a benefit transfer.
  • Due to a layoff or change in employment, you will not be receiving your regular salary. How long will this take?

The majority of councils will notify you of the status of your application in two business days.

However, because of an increase in applications, some councils are taking longer than this.

After you submit an application, your local council could inform you of the waiting period.

Who is eligible to apply for Crisis Grant?

You must have a low income in order to qualify for a Crisis Grant. This does not imply that you must receive benefits.

What is considered a poor income?

There’s no stat that verifies if you make a modest income. As a general rule, your chances of receiving a Crisis Grant are higher if you get one of the benefits listed below or if your income is comparable to that of someone who does.

Social Security Pension Credit

Benefit calculators for Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) depending on income and Universal Credit
Crisis grants are one-time payment
s that are unable to sustain your income over the long run.

How to Apply;

A Crisis Grant can only be applied for via your local municipality. Applying via the Scottish Government is not possible.

Visit the website of your local municipality to learn how to apply.

  • Select your council.
  • If you require assistance in applying
  • Get in touch with your local council if you are having trouble applying online or if you require assistance.

They might provide further avenues for application, like:

application on paper; email; phone


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