Family Fund Grant

About the Family Fund Grant grant program

Families with children under three who are very ill or disabled and require a lot of mobility are the target audience for the Family Fund Mobility Support program.

In order to make transportation for your child easier and more practical, we can offer a short-term car-leasing package through the program. This will allow you to take your child to regular doctor’s visits or simply get around. Family Fund will pay the monthly rental installments for the length of the leased car, provided that they qualify for the program.

The period from birth and age three, at which point the national Motability system begins, is covered by the Family Fund Mobility Support program. From the age of two years and nine months, if your child still requires assistance with their movement, you can apply for Disability Living Allowance’s high rate mobility component and look into leasing possibilities through the national Motability scheme.

Submit a grant application

Learn how to apply for grants and how to prepare your grant application.

Please do these three actions before submitting your application; doing so will enable us to handle your award more swiftly.

Our awards are intended for low-income families with a child or young person who is disabled or seriously ill. Before applying, please make sure you are eligible.
If you have already applied to us, find out when your next application is open. This is going to be 24 months from the date of your previous application if you reside in Wales, England, or Northern Ireland. You have 18 months from the date of your last application to reapply if you reside in Scotland.

Assemble the supporting documentation you need. We must view the following documents:

Your earnings

a copy of the most recent benefit letter you or your spouse have received;


If you are employed and do not get benefits, your two most recent paystubs or bank statements showing your combined two months of income

Your offspring

  • If you have one, a letter of disability benefits for your child
  • The education plan that your child, if any, has
  • A recent evaluation (within the last six months, for example) or a note from a professional regarding your child’s health or support requirements, if applicable

How to proceed if you are unable to apply online

The quickest and most straightforward way to apply is by using our online application form. Additionally, online applications are processed faster, which could speed up the decision on your award.

You can download an application pack if you are unable to apply online. You must print it, fill it out, and mail the full form and any necessary supporting documentation to us. You must fill out the extra child form (one for each sibling you want to include in your application) if you are applying on behalf of more than one kid.

You can ask for an application packet to be mailed to you if you are unable to print the form at home. This should reach you in ten business days. Each printed and shipped pack costs Family Fund £1, so please make sure you qualify before submitting a request.

To Apply and for more information, Visit Family Fund Website


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