Deadline: Jan 8, 2024

Researchers and organizations from South Asia and the HKH region who are interested in the connections between development, the use of natural resources, and the environment can get research support from SANDEE.

Research grants are awarded to support studies on environmental and economic issues in South Asia and the HKH region. Strongly focused economic ventures involving multiple disciplines are highly valued. Priorities are given to cross-border partnerships and cross-border initiatives.

Selection criteria and application guidelines

  1. No matter which environmental or natural resource-related topics are covered in the concept notes submitted in response to this call, SANDEE will give preference to those that have a strong economics component and the potential to simultaneously produce high-impact scientific publications and information that will be helpful to regional policymakers at the local, provincial, or national levels.
  1. Concept notes intended to generate reports like to consulting will not be taken into consideration for action research. Concept notes with an emphasis on gender and mountains, as well as interdisciplinary initiatives and cross-border partnerships, are welcome at SANDEE; however, a clear breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of each team member is required.
    View publications from finished SANDEE projects by going to https://www.icimod.org/initiative/sandee-publications/.
  2. Concept notes may be submitted by researchers located in the HKH region and from South Asia.
  3. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, existing consultants and researchers with family employed by ICIMOD are not eligible to receive the study grant.
  4. Junior to mid-career professionals working for a university, research institute, or other comparable institutions in the area—including governmental and nonprofit organizations—must be the principal investigators (PIs). The research support/grant is not available to senior researchers (professors, directors, and other positions of a similar standing).

Size and length of the grant

  • Grants during a two-year period are probably going to fall between USD 20,000 and USD $30,000.
  • The upper limit awards are intended for interdisciplinary teams working in two or more of the region’s nations, or they can be directed toward a transboundary problem that calls for an interdisciplinary team.

Application process and due date

Please read the guidelines carefully and submit the application online at www.icimod.org/sandee/research-grants by January 8, 2024, if you would like your proposal to be considered for the summer 2024 funding cycle.

For more information to apply, Visit ICIMOD official website | ICIMOD SANDEE RESEARCH GRANTS 2023


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