The Entrepreneurship World Cup EWC (Funding available)

Is your business addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the globe? EWC would like to speak with you. The time to apply is now open.

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About EWC

In terms of size and diversity, the Entrepreneurship World Cup is among the largest startup pitIs your business addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the globe? EWC would like to speak with you. The time to apply is now open.
competitions and assistance initiatives of their type, showcasing over 370,000 business owners from more than 200 nations and providing winners with opportunities to change their lives. The EWC was established in 2019 and has since given out $3 million in cash prizes, $150 million in in-kind prizes, and chances for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys—from idea stage to scale-up—to advance by giving them free access to top-notch resources and training, raising their profile, and attempting to connect them with investors and mentors.


  • The overall experience—including mentorship, relationships, training, and resources—is what makes EWC so special. Not to mention investment opportunities, incredible resources and perks from our top partners, and a whopping $1 million in cash and/or investment total for the worldwide winners as well as in-kind support for the top 100 global finalists, we have a ton of incredible prizes up our sleeve.

Numerous national tournaments in the EWC Qualifier stage provide prizes in addition to these global ones.

Early Stage Global Finals Cash Prizes

Cash rewards are awarded to the top five (5) Early Stage finalists.

  • Champion of the Early Stage: $100,000
  • Runner-up: $75,000
  • Third Place: $60,000.
  • Fourth Position: $45,000
  • Fifth Position: $35,000

Cash Prizes for Global Finals: Idea Stage

Cash rewards are awarded to the top two (2) Idea Stage finalists.

  • $50,000 for the Idea Stage Champion
  • Runner-Up: $25,000.

Cash Prizes for Global Finals: Growth Stage

Cash rewards are awarded to the top three (3) Growth Stage finalists!

  • Champion for Growth Stage: $200,000
  • Second position: $140,000
  • Third Position: $70,000

Global Finals Cash awards: The following cash awards are up for grabs for Sector Finalists in the Idea, Early, and Growth stages throughout the sectors listed below.

  • Wellness + Health: $50,000

Promoting longer, healthier lives by addressing common health issues, guaranteeing equitable access to digital health care, and developing innovative biotech solutions for a better society.

  • Future Economic Situation: $50,000

Promoting digital technology innovation, influencing urban living in the future, and building environmentally conscious, human-centered smart cities. creating a global presence in the forefront of space exploration and investigating deep-sea resources.

  • $50,000 for Energy plus Industrial Leadership

Leading the way in the creation of alternative energy, including wind, solar, and green hydrogen. guiding the mining industry’s competitive, sustainable development and directing the industrial sector toward high-value, cutting-edge sectors.

  • Supply of Basic Needs with a Sustainable Environment: $50,000

setting the standard for preserving the environment globally and ensuring that basic needs for food, water, and sustainable energy are met. increasing green area, producing food sustainably, developing innovative water technologies, and producing electricity at a reasonable price.


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