The U.S. Russia Foundation (USRF) Grant ($ 10 000 FUNDING)

Deadline: February 2024 | The U.S. Russia Foundation (USRF) Grant ($ 10 000 FUNDING)

A nonprofit organization, the U.S. Russia Foundation (USRF) works to advance economic growth and democratic principles in Russia. Grants from the foundation are given to groups engaged in the following fields:

  • Rule of law: The foundation provides funding to groups that defend and uphold the rule of law in Russia, including legal assistance clinics, independent media outlets, and human rights organizations.
  • Media & free enterprise: Nonprofit journalistic groups, independent media outlets, and business incubators are just a few of the groups the foundation supports in their efforts to advance media freedom and free enterprise in Russia.
  • Civil society & expertise: Think tanks, policy research centers, and academic institutions are just a few of the groups the foundation supports as they strive to build civil society and expertise in Russia.

Small grants up to $10,000 and large grants up to $100,000 are the two award sizes offered by the USRF. Grantees might also receive training and technical support from the foundation.

In order to qualify for a USRF award, organizations need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • *They have to be non-profit institutions with a track record of accomplishment.They have to be striving to further the USRF’s objectives in Russia. *A budget that is in line with the USRF’s financial priorities is required.*

The following are some advantages of submitting a USRF grant application:

  • USRF funds can assist you in pursuing your goal of advancing Russia’s economic growth and democracy.* USRF funds can assist you in creating new projects and programs.* You can increase your influence and reach in Russia with the aid of USRF grants.**

Visit the foundation’s website for additional details if your group is considering applying for a USRF award.

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The U.S. Russia Foundation (USRF) Grant ($ 10 000 FUNDING)


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