ECO4: What is it?

The most recent round of government financing, known as ECO4, is available to aid those who qualify for qualifying benefits, have a family income of £31,000 (gross) or less, and are referred by their doctor, energy provider, or other approved source to install insulation and central heating.

Since this is grant money, if you qualify, you won’t be required to repay it.

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Are I Eligible for a Grant?

The property’s occupants must either be receiving a qualified benefit OR make less than £31,000 per year in total household income.

  • For Gas Upgrade, the client must be an owner-occupier.
  • To be eligible for Solar PV, Electric Storage Heaters, or Air Source Heat Pumps, the customer may be an owner occupier or a private tenant.
  • OR has a less than 86.7% efficient gas boiler as part of a central heating system.
  • possess an E, F, or G Energy Performance EPC grade.

We will provide a free Energy Performance evaluation if you do not have an EPC.

And for what should I apply?

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what to apply for! If you’re unsure about what might be best for your property, you’re not alone. We will have the best to offer for your house. We’ll be knowledgeable about handling both gas central heating systems and air-source heat pumps!

Coverage of ECO4

ECO4 includes insulation and a variety of central heating enhancements.

  • Central Heating for the First Time
  • Ineffective Replacement of Gas Boilers
  • Heat Pump with Air Source
  • PV solar
  • Storage Heaters with High Heat Retention
  • Space in the Loft/Roof Insulation
  • Insulation of Cavity Walls
  • Insulation on interior walls

How can I find out whether I qualify?

Local authorities determine the criteria for grant allocation, therefore the requirements vary based on the area in which you operate. Since we work with numerous local authorities, completing a no-obligation form is the best method to find out if you qualify for financing.

To Apply and for More Information, Visit ECO4 official website


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