AICPA and Accelerator program (Funding $25 000)

Deadline: 30th November 2023 | AICPA and Accelerator program

How to Accelerate Your Startup

Applications for 2024 Are Now Open

Which kinds of businesses are we seeking?

We’re concentrating on three main themes, both of which eventually improve performance and create value for the profession.


Cutting-edge technology that allow businesses to refocus on value-added advisory services, together with tools and platforms that increase productivity for accounting and finance professionals.

Some instances could be, but are not restricted to:

  • Automating regular accounting duties
  • automating data gathering and analysis so accountants may utilize it to guide strategy
  • Using artificial intelligence to support human judgment
  • Blockchain systems and/or reporting on cryptoassets
  • Analytics for Business and Predictive Analytics
  • Solutions for Tax and Financial Planning
  • Platforms & Tools for Cybersecurity

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Technologies that make it easier to comply with regulations and support companies in managing risks, complying with reporting obligations, monitoring compliance, and spotting fraud.

Some instances could be, but are not restricted to:

  • Technology to identify operational or market hazards in real time;
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist financial institutions in managing,
  • analyzing, and reporting accurate information
    Controls for compliance and risk


Accounting and financial professionals may now support, audit, and provide guidance on environmental, social, and governance efforts thanks to ESG solutions. An expanding category offering an assessment of a company’s overall environmental and social responsibility. Some instances could be, but are not restricted to:

Some instances could be, but are not restricted to:

  • gathering or repository of data
  • Dashboards that monitor the effectiveness of ESG initiatives
  • Tools for audits
  • reporting fixes
  • Testimonial
  • “What I really treasured was the priceless counsel from professionals in the field; it wasn’t just ordinary advise, but rather useful, real-world understandings that significantly impacted our business. Our involvement raised our company’s visibility significantly in the industry and helped us establish a name for ourselves in our specialty. Overall, it’s been a fulfilling and thrilling experience.


  • Except in rare circumstances, seed or pre-Series A
  • Needs must have a working good or service
  • A value proposition is necessary for the accounting profession.

What we provide


  • A $25,000 incentive will be made available to the chosen entrepreneurs.


Newcomers will have access to the industry, including members, companies, the media, and other clients who can support the expansion of their enterprises.


We will help each chosen business improve its value proposition, scale, and expand by offering unrivaled subject-matter expertise, coaching, mentorship, and industry knowledge.

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